New Theory Music Review: “One Night” by Jay Diamondz

    This summer hasn’t been too good for mainstream music, even though I really enjoy listening to it. Don’t get me wrong; I love hearing the top 40s on the radio while I’m at the shore, but it’s been getting boring. Z100 and other radio stations have been playing the same songs over and over again, to the point that it’s getting annoying.

    I wanted some new pop music. So, like any other pop fan would do, I set out to find some other music that is pop-infused without being played ad nauseum on the radio. That’s when a friend of mine showed me Jay Diamondz. She called him, “the male Lady Gaga,” and it’s actually a really fitting name for him.

    The moment I saw his photos, I understood why she likened him to Lady Gaga. His outfits had the same amount of color, glitter, and dance star vibes that Lady Gaga did back in her heyday. It’s a look that definitely suits him, too.

    She suggested I took a look at his latest release, a single called “One Night.”  She sent me the Spotify link, and I immediately fell in love with his track. 

    Classic 2000s Pop for a New Generation

    Though I’m a little young for the nostalgia, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the danceable beats of the early 2000s pop world. The days of Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC brought me years of joy. It was such a good era for pop!

    This track immediately brought me into the world of classic pop music, in the best way possible. Jay’s clean vocals, easy to sing along with tunes, and old school-style lyrics are the type that will get you hooked immediately. I’d be pretty surprised if Z100 didn’t eventually pick this track up, simply because it’s just so catchy.

    100 Percent Club Ready

    You know how some pop songs are great without really being too good as a night club track? “One Night” isn’t one of those tracks—at all. This is the kind of song that can and likely will get remixes from DJs spinning just about every genre of music.

    Because of its light beats and smooth vocals, I could definitely see this as the summer song of the year. My friend has really good taste.

    Check Out “One Night” and Jay Diamondz Music Below

    As a newfound fan of Jay Diamondz work, I can honestly say that more people need to hear his track. Jay Diamondz’s “One Night” can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and CDBaby. Give your ears a summer treat, and check it out.


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