New Theory Interviews Music Sensation JoLivi

    New Theory sat down with the Los Angeles based rising star JoLivi

    NT: How did you get started in the business?

    After I graduated college I moved home for about 5 months… then finally decided I was ready to pursue the dream ūüôā and moved to LA. I was lucky enough to meet the right people and got started right away.

     NT: What inspires you?  Really inspires you, not the BS stock answer?

    To be honest, heartbreak… Going through it personally or seeing the affect it has on my friends or family,¬†in any regard, not just love relationships… but with everything.¬† And of course the reason I have my gift, my grandfather. ¬†He inspires me even though he’s no longer here.¬† I’ve never been a spiritual person, but since he has passed I feel him more. He was a beautiful Hawaiian man who sang beautiful Hawaiian music.¬† I hear him every time I sing.

     NT: Why did you change your name?

    As much as I am proud of my name (Leihoku) and my Hawaiian heritage, everywhere I went on the road or radio tours I kind of got pigeonholed.¬† Not in a bad way but I¬†didn’t want to sing about happy shit anymore. ¬†In Hawaii it is paradise… no matter how much of a concrete jungle it becomes… it will always feel that way to me.¬† I wanted a name that represents me as a singer/songwriter not a name that has any other meaning than just a name. ¬†JoLivi stems a bit from my middle name Johanna.

    NT: You talk about heartbreak, what happened?

    Three¬†years of torture! LOL ‚Äď No, there were beautiful things that happened in this specific relationship.¬† But mostly in those three years I watched myself change‚Ķlike from the outside looking in I¬†could see myself crumble and deteriorate.¬† I was losing all that was “me.” ¬†I was¬†always a strong and independent woman, my mother raised me that way, but for the first time in my whole life I felt myself to be useless, that I was not good enough for not just anybody but for the world… ¬†my¬†actual “being” was worth nothing.¬† Crazy, to think that just one single person could break me is almost insanely incredible.¬† The power of the mind can kill…¬†

    NT:¬†I see 220k views on YouTube, impressive… How did you do it?

    I have a great social media team… along with my mother and myself. We created the images, inspired the people, and wrote a beautiful song about loving whoever the fuck you want. ¬†ūüôā ¬†To inspire truly is one of the most amazing feelings.¬† I’ll never lose that!

    NT: What is something you want the readers of New Theory to know about you?

    I love driving through the country… and wide open spaces.¬† It sounds so darn cheesy but I just love being outside… Nature’s beauty makes me speechless… nothing else in the world can do that. LOL… well maybe Beyonc√©!

    NT:What’s your next move?

    Doing press for the month of April… traveling all over the country‚Ķ THEN TOUR TIME!…

     Any parting thoughts?

    I LOVE YOU! ¬†and thank you…¬†

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