New Theory Exclusive on Emerging Powerhouse – Hip Hop/Rap Artist, DEETRANADA!

    Deetranada captured the public’s attention at the young age of 15 when she was selected to compete on Lifetime’s 3rd season of Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game”. She took the stage with the confidence of a seasoned professional and made a name for herself, drawing attention from the judges and media. Not only did she finish the competition as the second runner-up, she has quickly emerged as the powerhouse that is DEETRANADA!

    New Theory was thrilled to have had the chance to chat it up with her and learn about her back story and what she’s been working on since the show.

    Rachel Dares: How did you find your passion in music?

    Deetranada: I feel that my middle school experience paved the way for my passion in music. I was often bullied in school. I had so much built up emotions, that it was only through writing and rapping that I was able to fully express myself. I channeled the hurt I endured and turned it into bars.

    Rachel Dares: Is there a particular artist that has inspired you?

    Deetranada: To me, to be inspired means someone gave me the desire to create. When I think of inspiration, I would have to say that there’s been a great deal of artists that have inspired me. Kendrick Lamar , Lauryn Hill, and Rakim just to name a few. But what I am mostly inspired by are the experiences I have gone through in life.

    Rachel Dares: What do you hope to convey through your music?

    Deetranada: Through my music, I hope to convey the message to be true to yourself no matter what. Tough times will come, but to never give up.

    Rachel Dares: Who is the one artist you would like to collaborate with?

    Deetranada: Hmmm…I would have to say, Kendrick Lamar! I admire his artistry. His musical style showcases the true essence of hip hop. He is one to look to as an inspiration for the next generation of Hip Hop.

    Rachel Dares: What word of advice would you like to share with aspiring artists?

    1. Stay true to yourself in whatever you do.
    2. Be original with your craft.
    3. You’ll hear a great deal of no’s and that’s ok. But, don’t you ever give up!
    4. Do your absolute best.
    5. Learn to utilize the different social media platforms. Engage and interact with your fans.

    Rachel Dares: Are there any particular projects you’re currently working on?

    Deetranada: In between my shows and performances, I’m currently in the studio working on a new music project called Dee vs Everybody. It will include some new music and videos from me. I’m so excited to be working with different artists on this project.
    Aside from that, I have guest appearances lined up. And, am working on collabs with a few up and coming Baltimore Artists.

    Rachel Dares: Where can we find your music?

    Deetranada: You can find my music on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Pandora.

    Rachel Dares: How can your fans connect with you?

    Deetranada: My fans are able to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @deetranada.


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