New Study Finds All Millennials Are Not the Same

    Early & Late Millennials Have Varied Work Expectations, Concerns

    Generational consulting company BridgeWorks compares Early Millennials and Recessionists

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN–(Marketwired – January 16, 2017) – BridgeWorks( a consulting company working to bridge generational gaps in the workplace, recently conducted a survey to gain job insight on younger generations. 3,103 participants consisted of the two divisions of MillennialsEarly Millennials and Old Millennials (aka: Recessionists), as well as the newest generation in the workforce, Generation Z (aka: Gen Edge).

    The findings reveal how Millennial viewpoints vary based on workplace expectations: pay, longevity, confidence, gender and more. New results provide leadership insight on how to better manage Millennials and how they shape the workforce.

    Millennials — born between 1980-1995 — a generation of 80+ million, are not all alike and can be separated into two cohorts based on their experience growing up: Early Millennials (born 1980-1987), the first group that used tech to go social, and Recessionist Millennials (born 1988-1995), the group most impacted by the recession.

    Significant Findings

    • Workplace Drive: Recessionists were most likely to say their work will be or is “something they do to pay the bills” vs. Early Millennials who say it’s a “reflection of their identity”
    • Workplace Leadership: 73% of Early Millennials said they are confident they would be a leader within 5 years at their workplace
    • Workplace Leadership – Males vs. Females: 80% of Recessionist males said they are confident in their ability to be a leader, only 64% Recessionist females said the same
    • Female Leaders in Workforce: 86% of Recessionists and 88% of Early Millennials want to see more female leaders
    • Defining Professional Success:
      • Early Millennials consistently chose options correlated with autonomy and the ability to self-direct their schedules and work
      • 71% of Early Millennials said they would give up well paid jobs for better work-life balance, significantly higher than Recessionists (63%)
    • Teamwork: Early Millennials are the most collaborative generation, both in their approach to getting work done as well as how they describe themselves — nearly twice as many described themselves as collaborative than Recessionists
    • Workplace Tenure: Every segment said they expect to work 4-7 years for a company, but nearly a third (32%) of Early Millennials chose 0-3 years as their second choice where Recessionists chose 11+ years

    Regarding workplace hesitations, all Millennials expressed concern around communication, job enjoyment, and gender identity. Each generation worried about face-to-face communication skills, but Recessionists were significantly more concerned: 65% saying they struggle most with in-person communication vs. 50% of Early Millennials. Twice as many Early Millennials worried about their emailing skills versus Recessionists.

    While Millennials commonly expressed they wanted jobs to be meaningful and an extension of themselves, BridgeWorks found Recessionists were most likely to say their work will be or is something they do to pay bills. This has a direct correlation to the way they work, and how they want to work when they’re there — Early Millennials may be looking for more integration than Recessionists.

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    BridgeWorks is a generational consulting company that has been dedicated to bridging gaps in the workplace and marketplace since 1998. From Cisco Systems to Walt Disney, the BridgeWorks team has shared its solutions and insights with some of the most progressive and innovative companies in the world. The company prides itself on being the most entertaining, educational and innovative voice for all generations in the workforce. The BridgeWorks suite of solutions include speeches and keynotes, consulting, trainer certification, virtual offerings, and corporate entertainment. For more information about BridgeWorks please visit:

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