Money can’t buy you style

    When you think of rich people, you probably think of glamor and style. Some people have even made their millions (or even billions) in the world of fashion. But, even though money can buy you designer clothes and accessories, it can’t buy you style. Not even the ability to pay for a stylist and personal shopper is enough for some people to become snappy dressers when they have money. This seems to happen more often with people who get rich quick or suddenly win big. Men, in particular, don’t seem to care about dressing well when they’re in the money. Here are some genius business people who never improved their style.

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg is well-known for what he wears, not because it’s anything remarkable, but precisely for the opposite reason. He has a standard outfit that’s completely unremarkable – which, ironically, makes it kind of remarkable. Zuckerberg, one of the founders of Facebook, tends to wear T-shirts in one of a couple of colors, jeans and a hoodie. He’s not the only one either. Many of his fellow tech brothers choose to wear a boring uniform, presumably to show that they have bigger things to think about than looking good.

    Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos, billionaire of Amazon fame, might be worth a great deal of money, but his style isn’t much to look at. He has improved as time has gone on (and he’s continued to get richer) but, like many other wealthy men, he was known for dressing rather simple. He is a bit more adventurous now, but that’s not saying much when he never really took any risks in the first place. Still, it seems he’s at least started to try and dress a bit more sophisticated. He may be on a mission to look younger too.

    Phil Knight

    You would think that the founder of one of the most loved sneaker brands might have a bit of style. But Phil Knight, founder of Nike, doesn’t seem to have much at all. He’s not the worst offender, but he doesn’t exactly look like he knows what he’s doing either. Then again, when you’re worth more than $29 billion…you probably don’t care. At least he can always get a really good pair of shoes when he needs them. If only he could smarten things up a little or learn how to coordinate, he probably wouldn’t look too bad.

    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is one of the top five richest people in the world, and has been for many years. While he’s often found in suits or a smart-casual collared shirt with a sweater, he doesn’t exactly look like the billionaire he is. Even his suits look like they could be off the rack, when he can surely afford a tailor. It’s when he dresses casually that things really start to go wrong, but he’s not often seen totally relaxed. Besides, he does give a lot of money to charity, so he can probably be forgiven for his lack of taste.

    This proves that even having 50 times as much money as a USA Mega Millions winner is no guarantee that you will be a wardrobe winner.


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