Micro-cheating is the New Relationship Trend and You are Probably Doing It

    Whether you are dating or you are in already in a relationship, you need to watch out for a new trend called ‘micro-cheating’. If you have ever been in a relationship and you had to ask yourself ‘Is this okay,’ then it means what you are doing has already crossed the line and it’s unacceptable. That’s what micro-cheating is. It is a series of small actions that indicate you are either emotionally or physically focused on someone other than your partner or girlfriend/boyfriend.

    Warning signs

    So what are the signs of micro-cheating? It could be a connection with someone on social media, a private joke with a colleague that you’re attracted to, saving someone’s contact number on your phone under a different name, lying about your relationship status to others and so on. And you won’t need spying apps for cellphone to tell micro-cheating is happening because it’s not like usual affairs.

    As harmless as it seems, this could lead to series of troubles in your relationship down the road. Wondering how is it bad? Well, when you are allowing minor flirting, that means your partner is taking the ‘second place’ in your life and it is a bit absurd. You never know when micro-cheating becomes serious and it leads you down to the slippery slope of infidelity. After all, affairs begin with flirtation and secrecy.

    It may just be a harmless fun to you and to some extent that’s true. But every relationship has its own line as to what constitutes cheating. Before you think what you are doing is ok, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How would your partner feel if they knew you are wearing a new perfume to impress someone or you deleted a text message because you thought it was a little out of line. If your partner would feel uncomfortable with any of that, then it’s pretty clear you are micro-cheating.

    What if your partner is micro-cheating?

    If this is you, it needs to stop. But what if your partner is engaged in micro-cheating? To be honest, it is hard to pick up the signs when there are no obvious clues. However, we often start having gut feelings when something wrong is going on around us. Before you go start using spying apps for cellphone on the advice of a friend, it is time to have an honest conversation about it with your partner. Sometimes you see specific instances like whenever you text your partner, they don’t reply back fast. But when you are together, they are on the phone texting someone frequently. Once you tell them how you feel, they should make amends immediately but if they don’t take your concerns seriously or they blow off when you bring it up during a conversation, you might have to rethink your whole relationship.

    Common excuses micro-cheaters make

    Here are some excuses micro-cheaters use to make their partner and themselves believe what they are doing is okay:

    • When people on Facebook try to hit on them, they respond by saying ‘I am trying to be polite and it just Facebook anyways.’
    • When they are too nice with your friends that it looks like they are flirting. When you tell them it was making you uncomfortable, they say ‘I am just being nice because you asked me to.’
    • When they are sitting with other girls or guys at parties instead of you. When you tell them you didn’t like it, they say ‘if our relationship is strong, you shouldn’t mind if I sit next to other girls or guys at parties.’

    There could be another scenario too that you are micro-cheating without even realizing. Your partner brought it up and now you want make sure this does not happen again. How to overcome this? You will be surprised to know that some couples have found their solution in spying apps for cellphone. These apps could be put to a healthy use in relationships too. If you don’t know which app would be a good fit for this, use Xnspy spying apps for cellphone, you and your partner can remotely watch out on each other. For instance, using Xnspy, you can read each other’s text messages, track locations, view call logs, read emails and even check IM messages. If you or your partner thinks a text message sounded flirtatious, then amends can be made.

    Micro-cheating can only be put to an end if you communicate with your partner and clearly tell them what cheating constitutes. You both may be on a different page.  Some partners are ok with girls having a male best friend and some aren’t. So if you don’t even know what’s inappropriate in the eyes of your partner, you can’t fix it unless you talk. Communication can solve a lot of problems and then concerns such as micro-cheating will not be a problem for you.


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