Michael Franzese, Interview With the Former Mob Captain Turned Christian Speaker

    Michael Franzese who was making an estimated $5 million a WEEK, sits down with the New Theory Podcast.

    Michael Franzese was born into the Mafia as the son of Sonny Franzese who was a Mafia legend. His father goes back to Sinatra and the heyday of the Mafia in New York City. Michael started out on the right path and was accepted to Hofstra as a premed student. Until his father’s incarceration which changed his life forever.

    Michael joins the New Theory podcast as he discusses his rise into the Mafia ranks to Capo and becoming one of the top wealthiest mafioso ever.  He talks about there is no Mafia in US, but its called La Cosa Nostra.  The money he was making was outstanding, but even more so he later walked away, unscathed.

    He now lives an entirely different life as a Christian Speaker and an advocate for misguided youth as he spends his time doing talks to prisoners instead of being bars himself. We also discussed how to be successful in business and what is what like growing up in the mob.

    Check out this epic interview with Michael Franzese on the New Theory Podcast:

    To Learn More About Michael Franzese, go to his website: https://www.michaelfranzese.com

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