Disruptive Technologies Author Paul Armstrong Interview on the New Theory Podcast

    New Theory Hosts Paul Armstrong Author of Disruptive Technologies, Understand, Evaluate and Respond

    Disruptive Technologies is set to launch in the US on May 28th (Paperback):

    When Chris Brogan tells you to buy a book now because it needs your attention, you do it. Brogan was talking about ‘Disruptive Technologies; Understand, Evaluate and Respond’ the new book from emerging technology expert, Paul Armstrong. Armstrong previously worked for Myspace but now works with brands like Coca-Cola and P&G through the emerging technology advisory, HERE/FORTH.

    This is an in-depth and practical look at disruption and the future technologies that will impact our everyday lives, ‘Disruptive Technologies’ is both accessible and easy to read. Armstrong picks five technologies and explores them thoroughly before moving onto the applications of each and how to best utilize what each offers you. The focus on holography and nanotechnology was refreshing as these are subjects that are rarely covered.. The five technologies covered are; blockchain, 3D printing, holography, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and each is explored with a useful ‘time to impact’ timelines and analysis.

    The focus of the book is the framework that Armstrong uses with his clients called ‘TBD’ which stands for Technology, Behaviour, and Data. I particularly enjoyed the story about how the framework came about and how it can be used to make fast decisions but also be expanded to create a company’s emerging technologies strategy (TBD+).

    Beyond the frameworks, workshops, and checklists that make ‘Disruptive Technologies’ concise and easy to implement, the tips and advice on roadblocks to expect and avoid are refreshing – I hadn’t read a book this honest in a long time. Additionally, Armstrong goes through several other areas associated with disruption; a changing workforce, bad innovation, how to sell in tough new concepts or unknown technologies (a must-read chapter for anyone in business) and business structures of the future. One of the tips I have already implemented from the book is to stop saying ‘budget’ and ‘pay’ and use ‘invest’ instead – it “exponentially” increases the chances of getting approved.

    Armstrong is clearly passionate about technology and its application to make the world better (he also writes for Forbes and other top outlets). Focused at the casual reader or busy business professional looking to make change work, Armstrong’s passion and knowledge come across in the book.

    If you aren’t sure about disruption or what technologies are coming around the corner, you need this book. If you want to implement emerging technologies fast and strategically, you need this book.

    Check out our interview with Paul on the newly launched New Theory Podcast:

    Paul has agreed to giveaway 50 copies for free.  We will pick 50 random entries and provide a free Kindle copy when his book launches on May 28, 2017.

    To Enter Simply Email Our Editor (Subject Line: Free Book): [email protected]

    To purchase the book on Amazon, click here: Buy Disruptive Technologies
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