Men’s Hair Ideas To Shock And Surprise Everyone Around You

    Normal is boring, right? It’s no fun if everyone looks the same, which is why every man should try out something different with his hair at least once in his lifetime. We love a trendy short haircut as much as the next person, but sometimes you just have to branch out a bit and shock your friends and family with a new style. Providing that your job allows you to experiment with your hair, then go wild! If you’ve had the feeling of wanting something a bit fun and new, then try one of the following hair ideas.


    any high-profile celebs have gone from dark to light by bleaching their hair and created quite a stir. It’s such a shock to go from brown or black hair to bleach blonde, but as a surprise is what you’re trying to achieve, then this is the perfect option! Using hair bleach at home isn’t to be taken lightly, as it can be a tricky and risky process if you don’t know what you’re doing. But don’t fear, either learn properly how to use hair bleach at home or get it done professionally at a hair salon. Of course, the longer your hair, the longer the bleaching will take, but it’s short and sweet with something like a pompadour hairstyle or crew cut.


    The undercut is great because it can work with a variety of men’s hairstyles. Essentially a very short back and sides and long on top, the undercut works great with haircuts like these or even with long hair like a man bun (nicknamed the bundercut). This haircut requires minimal effort, as you’ll only have to style the top and shave the back and sides, but the length of the clippers makes a big difference so discuss with your barber a good length for your current style and face shape.

    Buzz cut

    Want to really surprise everyone around you? Shave your hair off! It’s incredibly liberating to not have to style your hair in the morning, and it certainly feels cooler and fresher in the hotter months. A buzz cut combined with a beard is a trending look that is hard to ignore, and while you’ve got some input into just how short you want the cut to be, it’s still going to be a big change. Plus, hair grows back, so it’s always worth to see how you look with a buzz cut.

    Trendy mullet

    Now, hear us out. The mullet is a haircut that is pretty divided in terms of opinion, but you’re probably still thinking of those horrible styles from the 80s and 90s. The mullet has evolved a lot in recent years, and if you trust your barber, they can deliver something really cool and unique. Check out some of these for inspiration, and you’ll find that you can have a long back, short front and sides and not have to feel like you’ve stepped out of the past!


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