Does AutoZone Offer Free Car Battery Tests?

    Your car battery is an essential part of the electrical system. Without it, your car wouldn’t be able to start and your accessory systems (infotainment, air conditioning etc.) wouldn’t work. Batteries last for three to five years and may die if you accidentally leave your lights on or otherwise run the battery while the engine isn’t running. To help ensure that you always have a working battery, consider getting it tested.

    One option is to go to AutoZone for a free battery test. They will connect a meter to your battery and check its status. You don’t even need to take the battery out of your car to get it tested!

    Does AutoZone Change Batteries For Free?

    Yes, AutoZone will replace your battery for free in some circumstances. Basically, if the battery is readily accessible, they will install your new battery for you. However, the store associates and technicians may not be able to change it for you if the battery is in a hard-to-reach spot. Some cars have their batteries in the wheel wells or under seats, for example. This service is available for free on applicable cars.

    Where Can I Get My Car Battery Replaced?

    Even if you can’t get your battery replaced at AutoZone, you can always buy one from the store and have a nearby mechanic change the battery. AutoZone also offers free battery charging which can help you get your vehicle moving again so that you can drive to a nearby shop.

    Additionally, you can always change your battery yourself. The process is very simple and safe if you follow the correct steps. Plus, you will have the added benefit of having done the job all by yourself. That is always a good feeling.

    What Other Maintenance Can You Do?

    Anyone can learn how to do basic maintenance with a few tools and a little patience. For example, changing your own ail is easy. Plus, many stores will take the oil from you for proper disposal and recycling. Furthermore, you can do little repairs such as a windshield wiper replacement without any prior experience.

    You can likely even take on bigger jobs. For example, replacing your brake pads is much simpler than you may expect. Again, you can do this with only basic hand tools.

    There is a surprising amount of free and easy-to-use resources online that can teach you how to do these jobs. Furthermore, you can use tools such as AutoZone’s vehicle filter to ensure that you have the correct tools and parts for the job. This will help you find the right windshield wipers size, for example. Using a tool like this can help take a lot of the stress out of automotive repair.

    Take Care of Your Vehicle Today

    Maintaining your vehicle properly is an important part of ownership. Not only will it help you keep your car or truck running longer, but it will also help you keep the resale value up. Plus, when you do the work yourself, you can save money and have fun. It can be very rewarding to work on your vehicle.


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