Living room decorating ideas with Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

    Among the most productive artists of all time was Vincent Van Gogh. His contributions to culture have had an unmatched impact and have influenced entire generations of artists. Van Gogh is renowned for his development in the post-impressionism era and his distinctive dramatic brushstrokes that elicit emotion.


    Van Gogh is primarily a self-taught painter. To perfect his figure drawing and depth, he spent the first several years of his career imitating other painters’ work. Later, he began to use his color scheme. Van Gogh was fascinated with capturing light and depth in his paintings, regardless of the material he employed.


    Van Gogh’s influence may be seen in various contexts, particularly in interior design. Here is the list of Vincent van Gogh paintings names that you can use for living room décor.


    Starry Night

    The painting Starry Night is frequently recognized as the most famous Vincent van Gogh artwork. Starry Night was created from memory rather than outside in the landscape, in contrast to most of his paintings. His whirling, stormy image of the sky, a significant change from his earlier, more realistic settings, emphasizes his internal, emotional life.


    Here, Van Gogh adhered to a rigid rule of structure and composition, distributing the shapes throughout the painting’s surface precisely to produce balance and tension amid the cypress trees’ whirling torsion and the night sky. As a result, a landscape is shown using curves and lines, with the seeming randomness of the environment being subverted by a strict formal order.


    Starry Night is renowned for expanding the art of painting far beyond the portrayal of the material realm by evoking the divinity Van Gogh discovered in nature. The artwork has a serene, tranquil air, and the colors are rich and brilliant. It perfectly complements any living area and will give your house a sense of festive grandeur.


    The Potato Eaters

    This painting is regarded as Van Gogh’s debut masterpiece. Van Gogh tried to accurately portray the characters and their life in the paintings he created while residing amongst some of the peasants and laborers in the Netherlands. However, he employed unattractive models further to repeat physical labor’s impact on these laborers. He rendered the scene in a dismal hue to mimic the peasants’ poor living conditions.


    His utilization of loose brushstrokes to depict the hands and faces of the locals as they crowd around the one tiny lamp and eat their pitiful lunch of potatoes heightens this image.


    Despite the scene’s emotive qualities, the painting wasn’t considered significant only after Van Gogh died. Nevertheless, this Vincent van Gogh drawing describes an emotionally and spiritually charged theme appealing to the eye.


    This painting, which shows a sense of community in a family environment, may be used to adorn a living room effectively. In addition, your visitors, it will undoubtedly make for a wonderful discussion starter.


    Café Terrace on the Place du Forum At Night

    This Vincent Van Gogh artwork was among the first sceneries Van Gogh painted when he stayed in Arles; it was also the first time he employed a nighttime backdrop. Van Gogh created a dazzling layer that surges with an internal light by using clashing hues and tones, nearly defying the sky’s waning light.


    To create the visual illusion that the viewer is strolling through the cobblestone streets, the composition’s lines all point to the center of the piece. For van Gogh admirers traveling to the south of France, the café is still open today and is considered a “mecca.”


    Describing this picture in a message to his sibling, he stated, “This is a twilight artwork devoid of the color black, containing only gorgeous violet, blue, and green, and within this environment, the lit region colors itself into delicate citron green and yellow. I find it quite amusing to sketch the night just there on that spot”.


    Van Gogh replicated the scene straight from his thoughts while painting on the street at night, a technique he learned from the Impressionists. However, in contrast to the Impressionists, he added a psychological and spiritual undertone to the painting that reflected his unique and personal response rather than just capturing the world as his eye saw it. The thrill and joy Van Gogh had while creating this piece may be seen in the brushstrokes.


    This fantastic painting would undoubtedly offer a touch of sophistication to your living room space and be the ideal addition to any house.


    Vase With Twelve Sunflowers

    The goal of Van Gogh’s Sunflower collection was to adorn the space designated for Gauguin in his workshop and residence in Arles. Due in part to freshly developed pigments that allowed for new hues and tonal subtleties, Van Gogh used a wide range of yellows to characterize the blossoms. In addition, he used luxuriant brushstrokes to build up the textures of the sunflowers.


    From the blossoms in bright and fantastic yellow to the withering and dying buds depicted in gloomy ochre, Van Gogh employed cheerful colors to portray the complete lifecycle of the flowers. In addition, Van Gogh’s experiments with line and texture, which imbue every sunflower with the transitory aspect of life, the brilliance of the Rustic summer light, and the artist’s psyche, breathe fresh life into the conventional portrait of a vase with flowers.


    Van Gogh generates a serene, contented feeling in the observer despite the relatively unexceptional components in the painting. The richness of light and air also gives the painting a sense of graceful deterioration in nature, making it the ideal addition to your living room décor.



    Van Gogh was a very great painter who was capable of creating pieces that could be utilized as living room décor. In addition, his unique painting style distinguished him from the other painters of his day. Therefore, Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are the ideal choice when it comes to selecting artwork for your living room décor.

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