Life Hack: How To Download Movies For Free

    The last decade has changed how the majority of us consume content for our entertainment. The rise of smartphones, as well as social media and content streaming services, truly made a paradigm shift on how the entertainment industry delivers the content they’re producing. Almost any movie, TV series episodes, even music, can now be streamed or downloaded directly from the internet. 

    Content streaming services seem to have become the norm, and so everyone wants to know how to download movies for free, without signing up for a plan! Well, lucky you, as in this article, we’ve listed down the best ways to do just that! All you need to have is a steady Internet connection and a device of your choice!

    Via torrents

    Torrenting is one of the more popular ways of getting your movie fix without going to cinemas. There are various ways you can go about how to do it, but the basics are, find yourself a reliable torrent file site, download the torrent file of your choice, then open it on a torrent client. The client then downloads the entire file for you. 

    Since its conception, torrenting has been embroiled in several controversies, one of the most recurring is the debate on how legal it is. Right now, the practice is in a gray area. As proponents and users of torrents argue that the process is basically sharing files through a public domain, studios around the world have argued that it is a form of piracy.

    The great thing about torrenting is that with the right torrent files, you’ll have the same experience of watching the movie in cinemas. Popular torrent file sites are The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, YTS, etc. For torrent clients, qBitTorrent and BitTorrent are the top choices. You have to download the clients first, install them, then search for torrent files on the mentioned sites.

    Via free streaming sites

    Are you fond of streaming sites? Then you know that these libraries need to be flighty and savvy at the same time in order to survive. Most of the popular ones change their address every now and then to keep authorities at bay. With free streaming sites, you can search for your favorite movies and TV shows and stream them to your heart’s content. But did you also know that you can download directly from it? 

    That’s true, and free streaming sites let you download movies for free, right on the browser. You just have to find the arrow-down button, which usually is placed on the lower right corner of the video controls once you’re streaming. Once you click on that, you’d be directed to another page where you’re asked what quality of download you prefer. The higher the quality you choose, the longer the download time will be.

    If you prefer this method, it’s important to have a great browser that has a great download system. Chrome comes to mind and is probably your best bet, but Safari also has added more features to its browser that tackled its download system mishaps in the last few years. If you have a low bandwidth connection, better use Chrome. 

    Via apps

    The smartphone revolution has changed the way people consume content. At least half of the world’s population owns one, and thus, people started looking for their entertainment on their mobile phones more than on their laptops, TV’s, etc. With the right apps, anyone can download a movie right to their smartphones. 

    In fact, the first two methods presented above can be done on a smartphone nowadays! Torrent client apps have permeated smartphones, and it’s proving to be more convenient than most! BitTorrent is available for Android smartphones. Crackle, on the other hand, which is an app developed by Sony is free to download on both operating systems and features a trove of movies that can be downloaded for free.


    Entertaining yourself has never been more streamlined and easy! If you’re particularly savvy, you can just sit back, go about your day while your downloads are progressing! In the end, you’d have a chock full of movies to queue! Pro tip: Don’t expect new movies or a series episode to drop a few hours after its airing. On free streaming sites, episodes may be automatically available, but you can’t readily download them. For movies, wait out for a few days.


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