Life Before iPhone: 6 Things You’ll Never Believe People Use to Actually Do

    It may be hard to believe, but people actually existed before the invention of the cell phone.

    I know… you can’t even.

    But the same way people existed before fire, electricity, television and air conditioners, people survived without their trusty iPhones attached to their hips.

    What did people do before Instagram and Facebook?! How did people live everyday?! If you didn’t SnapChat it, were you ever really there?!

    If you think that’s bad, take a deep breathe. Here are 6 things people actually had to do before cell phones existed!


    1. You Had to Eat Without Taking a Photo:

    That’s right, you had to actually sit through an entire meal without showing anyone what you ordered! You alone, had to stare at your  food, without filters.. and just eat it.

    It didn’t matter if you were in the best restaurant in the city or made the entire meal yourself, no one was going to know unless they were with you!

    Burning your mouth rates must have been through the roof because people would actually eat their food while it was hot…



    2. You had to be on time.

    Once you set a time with someone, you had to actually be there!

    There was no way to tell them you were running late. You had to plan your evening so that you would be…. ready for this?

    ON TIME.

    If someone was leaving without you for the airport or even just for brunch, and you weren’t there, they assumed you weren’t coming and therefore they would go on with their day.

    See how spoiled you are?


    3. You had to actually talk.

    Like, Conversations? With like, people?

    Yep! You had to use your f*cking words. You couldn’t sit across from each other at dinner and just stare at Facebook the entire meal. You couldn’t just hand your children a phone and have them shut up by playing a game. You had to actually engaged with other people.

    That means, brace yourself…

    You had to share what you did through the day and talk about your feelings.



    4. You had to talk on the phone.

    No paragraphs, no emojis. No sexting and no awkward, “hi”s. ( which maybe aren’t that bad).

    You had pick up the phone, dial the number and ask to speak to whoever it was you were looking for.

    Lovers quarrel? You had to talk it out. Phone sex? Yep, that was a thing.

    Calling your mom when you f*cked up big time and enduring her screaming at you instead of text blasting you?

    God you have no idea how easy you have it today..200-1

    5. You had to memorize everyone’s number.

    Unless you were walking around with a phone book, you had to know your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, best friend, and pizza place’s number by heart.

    You had to actually use your brain and memorize something.

    You were responsible for  actually knowing something… without Google!!!

    You probably don’t even know your own phone number…


    6. You had to find a payphone.

    You know those old, dirty historical looking things that you still find in subways and creepy broken down gas stations today? People use to fight over who got to them first.

    If you didn’t have change you weren’t calling anybody, and if you needed an extra 25 cents to not get cut off mid conversation, you had better start begging.

    Try to imagine a world where you always had to find your phone! Then when you did finally find it, it didn’t even work!



    Bottom Line: You had to not be an assh*le. Imagine ?


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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