Let’s Get It on: 7 Songs That Will Light Your Love Making Fire

    There’s a Playlist for everything.

    The Workout Playlist, Road Trip Playlist, Girls Night Out Playlist, I’m Going to Set my Boyfriend on Fire Playlist; but the most important one by far is your Baby Making Playlist.

    At first glance you might think a love making playlist is for days when you’re feeling like a hopeless romantic. WRONG.  There’s no room on this list for  dancing around in a sun dress while listening to “Call Me Maybe.” We’re getting straight to business.

    Every hot blooded human with a sex drive and functional hearing has a playlist for songs that not only turn them on, but keep it going all night long.

    If you have ever been in a situation where you live in an apartment building, dorm, or with roommates, and you have never had or used music when entertaining a guest or guests in your bedroom – no judgment here –then you need to start compiling ASAP.

    If a hot and heavy session has you simply turning on Pandora and relying on the R&B Love station, you’re doing yourself and your partner a disservice. Picking the perfect playlist can set the mood and tell your lover for the night exactly what you want.

    Will slow and steady will your race, or do you want the neighbors to know your name?

    If you haven’t spent time cultivating your “Love” mix, grab a bottle of wine and start searching.

    Warning: after listening to these songs, you might find yourself needing a cold shower or making a few late night phone calls.

    Here are 7 songs that are guaranteed to put you in the mood:

    1. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

    You can’t have a naughty playlist without this song on it. It gets right to the point with lyrics like, “I wanna f#$% you like an animal”. If that  doesn’t translate into bedroom playlist material, I don’t what will.

    2. Beyonce – Crazy in Love Remix

    You don’t have to be a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey to appreciate this sexy as hell remix. Leave it to Bey – there’s nothing she can’t do!

    3. Ginuwine – Pony

    Two words, Magic Mike. This song came back in the limelight thanks to Channing Tatum and now we all remember just how sexy and dirty it is! Why yes sir, I would like to ride your pony.

    4. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

    I mean, hello. Did you read the title? Get hot, Get steamy. Just don’t actually light yourselves on fire #deathisnotkinky

    5. Selena Gomez – Good For You 

    Sorry Disney, Selena Gomez is all grown up. Even if you aren’t into pop music, you have to admit the song is hot! Biebs is having some serious flashbacks…

    6. Portishead – Glory Box

    Really any Portishead song would work. Haunting beats and sultry lyrics. If you’ve never listened, it’s a personal favorite!

    7. The Weekend – Earned It 

    Yeah, that’s right. You Earned it. Now go and get it you, sexy thang, you.

    8. Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights

    If you are into Indie Folk you need Iron and Wine on your playlist, immediately!

    I believe you have a few phone calls to make…


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