Actor Turned Entrepreneur Lee Burns Releases New Book on Successful Communication

    lee burns

    The digital revolution of the tech industry has brought about a level of connectivity unimagined by the world only a few decades ago. Instant messages, no matter the distance or location, ushered an age of communication so intrinsically different from what we were used to before, that many have started feeling disconnected from the world, their community, and even their peers that surround them. At this point in time, it feels like conversation takes a skill from the distant past that today, only superheroes possess. Luckily, we all still have that power in us, and Lee Burns’ new book How to Talk to Someone… And Not Die, a Handbook for Superheroes aims to awaken that inner crusader.

    Lee Burns has walked a life that has led him down many different career paths, with one key integer in common: communication. As a natural-born adrenaline junkie, Burns started this walk as a Texas firefighter and paramedic. There, he earned the accolade of “Rookie of the Year”, an achievement that would foreshadow the rest of his professional life. As a first responder, Burns experienced trauma and pain, a wake-up call to the harsh and visceral aspects of life; key experiences that he would internalize to learn and grow. These brush-ups with death left Burns seeking for more from life. Advice from friend and manager, David John Huber, led Burns to try his hand in the entertainment industry.

    lee burns

    Early on in his foray into entertainment, Burns landed a job with Jockey Underwear on one of their most successful campaigns of all time. The ‘Six Alarm Jockey’ campaign allowed Burns a seamless transition from firefighter to model to actor. The massive campaign gave Burns the reputation he needed to start landing gigs all over Texas. As an actor, he was able to bring the raw energy and emotion he experienced as a first responder to the stage, making him an effective communicator while capturing the audience’s attention with his dramatic roles.

    The pinnacle of Burns acting career saw him land roles in movies and shows such as Freaky Friday, Just Like Heaven, Walker, Texas Ranger, and various other productions. Burns saw his position as an opportunity to help others who were standing in the same place he once was, and taught classes to newcomer actors about the Hollywood film industry.

    While acting was a great experience for Burns, he still desired that deeper, meaningful connection with an audience. One that would allow him to communicate spiritually with others. Burns saw writing as an opportunity to form a relationship with his readers. In writing, he could pull from his past experiences, past trauma, to create a work of art that can move others, that can allow for multiple people to feel the same pain. In 2013, he released his first novel freedom for joe, a story of a man learning how to deal with the trauma of his past. Burns has also written multiple screenplays based on his past life experiences.

    After finding success in multiple industries, Burns wanted to focus on spreading positivity. His entrepreneurial spirit found himself launching PlusComm, a social media site centered around positive communication. Its goal is to filter out unwanted noise and negativity to allow people to use social media to lift themselves up. Meanwhile, Burns has also been touring the world as a public speaker, bringing his world experience, spirituality, and positivity to seminars everywhere. Focused on helping people move forward, Burns’ live experience teaches you about the Game of Life and How to Win It.

    That brings us to How to Talk to Someone… And Not Die, a Handbook for Superheros, Burns’ new book. He brings everything he’s learned to the table with his latest work. Written in a digestible manner, Burns offers advice on conquering communication and gives anecdotes on how mastering this skill has brought him success in his life. The new title, published by Clear Wind Publishing, offers readers a conversational read, one where the reader feels as though they are having a one on one conversation. Order it out on Amazon on November 10th, 2020.


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