Leather Honey Review

    Leather Honey is the best leather cleaner and conditioner, since 1968. Leather Honey was invented in the early 1960s, when a retired chemist met with businessman Daniel McGowen, who had recently taken over his father-in-law’s Philadelphia-based manufacturing company. The two informally discussed the potential benefits of an effective sole treatment for shoes, which in those days were made entirely of leather. Over a period of several years, they perfected a solvent-free formula that was odorless, water-repellent, and non-toxic.

    I received the Leather Care Kit which is an all-in-one leather care kit, with everything you

    need to clean and condition your favorite leather goods. This amazing kit comes with their entire suite of non-toxic, all-natural leather care products: 8 oz. leather conditioner, 8 oz. leather cleaner, and two lint-free application cloths. This leather care kit is perfect for cleaning and conditioning all leather items, including car interiors, small furniture, jackets, bags, shoes, wallets, and other accessories. I used the leather kit on my designer bags and some of my leather shoes that needed a bit of a touch up. This product really worked amazing, leaving my bags and shoes looking brand new! So shiny and polished my husband thought I got all new items! Leather Honey is really a top quality product. Very easy to use, you will find yourself cleaning all your leather goods quite often. 

    How to clean and condition your leather: 

    1. Spot test both products in a discreet area, allowing the test area to dry before proceeding.
    2. Clean the surface of old or dirty leather by gently wiping it down with a lint-free-cloth, concentrating on soiled areas. Allow the leather to dry completely.
    3. Apply a quarter-size drop of leather conditioner to a clean, dry lint-free cloth. Completely coat the leather in a thin, even layer of leather conditioner and allow to dry for at least two hours (preferably overnight).
    4. Once dry, gently buff the leather with a lint-free cloth if necessary to remove any excess conditioner. Apply additional coats as needed, if leather still appears dry.

    To view more about Leather Honey click here: https://www.leatherhoney.com


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