Kuhfs Wins Over Mark Cuban in Seven Seconds

    Amy Olson, owner of Kuhfs, won the “Sell a Shark” segment on “Good Morning America” Friday. Olson convinced entrepreneur Mark Cuban, an investor on the hit show “Shark Tank”, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks in seven seconds that Kuhfs was the best product among the three contestants.


    “I will have to go with Amy because I think you got a shot there,” said Cuban. “It’s interesting and it can be multipurpose.”

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    On the “Sell a Shark” segment, the contestants have to write to down how many seconds it would take them to sell their product to Cuban. The two contestants with the lowest predicted time will compete against each other. Olson went against Katie Olsen, the creator of the Cactus Scratcher.

    During her seven seconds, Olson told Cuban, “Kuhfs are a sleek and stylish fabric cuff designed to accessorize your boots, jeans and leggings. Elevate your style instantly with Kuhfs.”

    Olson launched Kuhfs, the versatile fashion accessory, in 2013. Kuhfs has featured in “Harpers Bazaar,” “Hudson Living Magazine,” “Social Lifestyle Magazine,” “Insider Magazine,” and more. Olson was also nominated for Martha Stewart’s “American Made” award, which spotlights innovative, small business owners.

    Olson said it was a huge honor to appear on GMA. “It was quite a remarkable experience I will never forget,” said Olson. “Not only did I get to pitch Kuhfs to Mark Cuban and win, I was also able to meet fellow small business owners. To compete on that caliber is a huge success in my book.”

    View the segment here


     About Kuhfs: Each set of Kuhfs is personally designed by Amy Olson and produced in limited quantities to ensure you have a unique experience showing off your personal style. Kuhfs sleek and stylish designs can be added to the boots, jeans, leggings, workout pants and capris you already own, transforming the look and feel of those pieces instantly. Adding Kuhfs to your outfit will give you that polished, put-together look you crave.


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