Exclusive Interview: Jay Mohr is Happy. A Lot.

    Comedian, actor, radio host, and best-selling author Jay Mohr releases hilariously intimate comedy album, Happy. And A Lot., featuring material written entirely by his wife, actress, dancer, and writer, Nikki Cox.

    Comedian, actor, radio host and best-selling author, Jay Mohr, has been performing stand-up comedy since he was 16 years old. With a career that has spanned over three decades, Jay has become an artist who is very difficult to define. But, throughout his journey, one constant remains: Jay still loves performing stand-up comedy. It’s in his blood, his bones, and his DNA. Now, he issues the most personal and revealing work of his career, Happy. And A Lot., a recorded special entirely written by his multi-talented wife, the actress, dancer, and writer, Nikki Cox.

    Jay Mohr‘s latest one-hour special, filmed during the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival, is a hilarious set of intimate stand-up comedy about his marriage to Nikki Cox, raising two kids, and features great lessons in ironic behavior. Jay and Nikki have been together for a decade and married for seven years. Through the lens of their marriage, the 21-track album of warmly revealing barbed wit explores sexual vulnerability, relationships, the modern handlebar mustache, the profundities of palliative care with marijuana, and the legacies of Liberace, Bon Jovi, and Journey. This special night aired on Showtime Comedy and has the distinction of being written entirely by Jay‘s wife Nikki Cox, who for years has been a trusted collaborator and creative foil. Jay‘s sets have been known to be distinct, fishtailing, and in the moment. That evening, at the Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival, Jay hit all the hallmarks of his signature performance style, overflowing with swagger, sensitive bad-assery, effortlessly masterful comedic timing, and sense of in-the-moment structure. From now through the end of December, all proceeds from the album through purchases made at Bandcamp, will be donated to WriteGirl, a creative writing and mentoring organization for teenage girls.
    Comedy Central has named Jay Mohr one of the 100 greatest stand-up comics of all time. Jay‘s career spans over two decades in comedy, television, radio, and film, from his beginnings as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, to over 200 television appearances, to his expansive film career in over 30 feature films co-starring alongside 13 Oscar winners, including his classic breakout performance as sports agent Bob Sugar opposite Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire. Most recently, Jay appeared as Matt Damon’s brother in Clint Eastwood’s critically acclaimed Hereafter. Presently, he has his own syndicated radio show five days a week (Jay Mohr Sports) and one of the biggest podcasts in the world with over 25-million downloads (Mohr Stories).
    Nikki Cox, Jay‘s wife and co-writer, is an actress, writer, and dancer who has been in the entertainment business since age 4. Throughout her remarkable and diverse career, she’s worked with icons across various creative disciplines. In the realm of dance, she’s earned plum associations with Michael Jackson, The Joffrey Ballet, Paula Abdul, and Arsenio Hall. In TV, her resume includes such beloved shows as Mama’s Family, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Night Court, Murphy Brown, and Baywatch, among others. More recently, she’s been known for her roles in Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki. At age 10, she made her film debut in the motion picture Mac and Me, three years later she was featured in the box-office hit Terminator 2: Judgment Day. She married Jay Mohr in 2006 after meeting him on the set of Las Vegas. In 2011, they had their first son. It has been said that Nikki’s insomnia and late night TV-inspired musings have provided fodder for Jay‘s acts; she gives him notebooks of her wry observations that he recites live, verbatim. The couple and their children, currently reside in Los Angeles.
    For more information on Jay Mohr, please visit: www.jaymohr.com
    To order the record on Bandcamp, please visit: www.jaymohr.bandcamp.com/album/jaymohr-happy-and-a-lot


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    • Thomas F. La Vecchia

      great article, Jessica! Jay seems like a really cool guy and he really gave you a candid interview!

    • Ceci Alberti

      OMG – love Jay Mohr. This interview was awesome. he is hilarious

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