Kim Kardashian: As Told By Me *Begin Rant*

    It seem’s as if Kim Kardashian is regressing in her career and reliving her glory days of when she shot to the top, in all of her naked glory. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that her antics come from a place of vanity,  self-admiration and conceit. And honestly, I’ll go all in here and wager the fact she could definintely find something to wear… she’s a Kardashian-West for crying out loud!

    Her overly publicized and unrealistic naked body, (which if you did the math could probably pay off my student loans), is not the driving factor for the immense amount of backlash and uproar from her most recent “censored” photos. In actuallity, it’s Kim thinking she is empowering, liberating and inspiring young girls and women alike to be comfortable in their skin. This is honestly the biggest lump of sh*t I’ve ever heard of, right next to Santa Claus.

    Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am all for feeling empowered, liberated, sexy and all the wonderful things a woman should be, however, I can’t see how posing naked for your 60 million fans is relatively close to aiding in the movement of “feminism”. Honestly, I think Kim is the biggest bullsh*tter, right next to Hillary Clinton and OJ Simpson.

    For some reason, Mrs. Kardashian-West now feels the need to justify herself and I can’t seem to figure out why. Kim has never had an issue nor did she ever feel the need to explain herself for teasing the world with her curvacious bare body. The queen of Instagram truly believes that she is a great role model for young girls and women. She feels it’s necessary to play victim to the world and just cant seem to understand what is so wrong with being comfortable in her body (yea, we feel sooo bad for you Kimmy!). We get it girl, you don’t do drugs, you don’t binge drink and you have a clean (legal) record but I hardly look at those three things as a reason to kiss your giant a*s. Just saying.

    Kim took it upon herself to write up her reasoning for her 1687th nude photo and the message she is trying to convey, “I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me. And I hope that through this platform I have been given, I can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women all over the world.


    It takes a strong woman to bare all for the world to send a message of self-acceptance. However, there is nothing strong, brave or honorable about posting glorified, edited nudes to the world and passing them off as organic.

    If Kim wants to be naked, then be naked, go wild! She evidently has no problem with the entire world looking at her unmentionables. But it’s tasteless to use the grounds of empowerment and liberation as justification.

    It comes as no surprise that Kim feel’s this amazing about herself. At times, I envy her infinite amount of self esteem. With her Momager Kris by her side, there is no stopping this dynamic duo. Mother knows best!


    In my eyes, if Kimmy was truly comfortable in her skin, why the hell doesn’t she share with the world a body picture post-baby Saint, unfiltered, virtually untouched? Where’s a picture of her supporting the mothers who fight for their right to breastfeed their own child in public? NOPE!



    Besides, how much of her body is actually hers? It’s so disappointing how she dresses up these lies with false good intentions. I want to empower young women so I am going to post this naked picture of myself with my unrealistic assets because I am such a good person!”

    She could have at least tried to come up with some catchy campaign or hashtag to back up her feministic act. Feminism is different to everyone, it is what you make it, what you want it to be- there is no definitive explanation on “how to be a feminist” or how you can become one. You don’t have to be naked all the time and avoid shaving your armpits to feel liberated.


    I’ll admit, I have an intense like-hate realtionship with the Kardashian/Jenner family, (not strong enough for love, sorry!) and so I see some positive things about Kim, and I’m 99% sure she see’s them too, however she doesn’t feel like they’re as important to advocate about as her tiny waist, buxom lips and bodacious bum. Why doesn’t she talk about her strength in an embarassing, horrific situation and how she’s overcome and grown from it? Wait, I take that back-considering she capitalized on the most embarassing moment of her life then made millions off of it. Or how about being a business woman? I’m almost positive Kim didn’t have dreams of being a glorified pornstar when she was a child, but then again- who knows!

    Another factor of this situation that absolutely drives me nuts is that she is promoting postivity around female nudity. The body of a woman is a beautiful thing, if you look at it like a piece of art, than all the more power and respect to you. However, it’s arguable that this is something we should be teaching ladies of any age. We want young girls to accept themselves for who they are in a healthy, prodcutive fashion, yet feel strong enough to change the things they desire to.

    Back in high school, I remember multiple pictures of different girls being sent around, not just within our school, but dozens of others in the state. I felt so deeply for these girls, as they sent it to someone they trusted and I’m almost positive that they did not expect it to end the way it did. But then again, why did these girls think it was okay to even partake in the matter? Once that picture is sent, there is no controlling where it goes. Girls as young as 12 years old are taking questionable pictures of themselves and having them embarrasingly plastered around social media or sent amongst group chats.


    We can sit and blame the parents, the techonology, the carelessness of young individuals, but we also have to keep an eye out for what is really being exposed to children, teens, even young adults. Where are they learning these behaviors? I wonder what would happen if a 13 year old North West sent a picture to a boy and it went viral. I’m sure her father would NOT be happy- but then again, he has no problem with his wife doing it- like mother like daughter. Hey, maybe he’ll write a song about it.

    Kim is “empowering” women for all the wrong reasons. She fails to mention how being naked got her into the main frame of the lime light and out of Paris Hilton’s shadow. She also forgot to tell all of us women that she is in a position of power where she can literally walk down Rodeo Drive with nothing but a sun hat on and it won’t hurt her repuation, career, social life, etc.

    Must. Be. Nice.

    Anyone can get naked, snap a quick pic in the mirror, filter the hell out of it and plaster it on Instagram or Twitter (which I’m pretty sure they get paid per letter/like for) and accompany it with a cute caption. However, not all of us have the luxury of running down to the bank and cashing an $80 Million check.


    We have reputations to uphold, just like Kim but someone needs to tell her to stay in her lane. Besides, they owe it to her after they let her embarrass herself into thinking she can be a singer.

    So my question here is plain and simple: Why are you viewing Kim Kardashian as a role model? There is nothing wrong with empowering young women to be comfortable with their body and stand up against the sexist, judgemental society we live in today, that said, there is everything wrong with displaying your naked body on the internet as a platform of power.

    *End Rant*


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