Kick up the Curb Appeal: 7 Ways to Transform Your Home’s Exterior

    Even if your house is perfect from the inside, well-designed, functional and stylishly decorated, none of that counts if you disregard how your house looks from the outside. A curb appeal is something that not only sends the message of how much you care about your home, but it is a way to raise the value of your property if you plan to sell. A beautiful exterior can trigger a ‘’love at first sight’’ syndrome, thanks only to the curb appeal. Small investing, a little bit of sprucing up, and an eye for detail can make your home look fabulous.

    Get rid of everything that isn’t pretty

    For example, dead plants or shrubbery, shabby lawn furniture, things that you don’t use yet somehow, here they are, right on your porch. Outdoors is where we, unknowingly, accumulate clutter simply because it is outside of the house. Get rid of the junk and figure out some clever storage for the items that you still use.

    Start with the door

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    If the budget allows, replace the old front door with a new one. However, if such investment wasn’t on your list, you can always add a coat of fresh paint to make them look new. Some homeowners dare to paint their doors in bright colors, like blue or even red for creating an impression. Doors in a bright color will certainly add more life to your house exterior. Also, consider replacing the door’s hardware.


    Make your porch comfortable and inviting, even if it isn’t. Clean it up and decorate it with flower pots or hanging flower baskets. Also, consider some basic porch furniture, but not too much. A small coffee table with a pair of comfortable chairs will look lovely and welcoming. If in doubt, you can always go for a porch swing since everybody loves those. Place a pair of attractive cushions and voila!

    Take care of the lawn

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    The neat and lush lawn is a must, so make sure to pull out the weeds, mow and water it regularly with a quality waterhose. Also, consider downsizing the lawn since not only it will cost less, but it will require less work. Plant some shrubs around the lawn or lay some pavement. Potential buyers will love it, and more importantly, it will look low-maintenance.

    Spruce up your front entry walkway

    Change boring concrete walkway by laying bricks or quality limestone outdoor tiles to make it look more classy and charming. Add some lining pavers along the walkway and make sure it matches with the stairs and front doors. Also, you can make flower beds along the walkway or add some landscape lighting that will lighten the path in the evening hours.

    Colors make a difference

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    Consider refreshing or completely changing the color of your house. Opt for some neutral and earthy colors or the ones that sell houses best. When thinking of colors, keep in mind that you can add more life to your exterior by placing window planters as well. Nothing beats the flowers when sprucing up the exterior.

    Fix garage doors

    Last, but not least, garage doors can seriously affect the overall impression, so fix them, refinish and add a coat of fresh paint. Only, make sure it complements the house exterior.


    Small changes can make a big difference, so after you finish sprucing up your house, you may fall in love with your home again. Invest some money, creativity and time to give your house a small, but an important makeover. Add your personal stamp to it, and you may never want to sell it at all.


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