As with quicksand fighting it alone sinks us deeper into the trap. Every move must be a calculated one when you find yourself in quicksand. Too many wrong moves when stuck in a sandtrap and you'll eventually sink you to the bottom. GAME OVER! This is why outside assistance is so important.

    Journey Through Sandtraps and Quicksand

    It might be fun to lay under a tropical palm tree as we enjoy the cool slow sound of the sea stretching wave after wave across a sandy beach. It’s rejuvenating and a relaxing and peaceful way to spend a day. However, along the journey of life, we will encounter a much different experience with sand in a metaphorical way. The symbolism of sand and vacationing on a beautiful Caribbean Island while listening to Calypso music is a pleasant thought. Now let’s expand upon the word sand and talk about sandtraps. Yes, sandtraps! Not the kind you get stuck in during your golf game. I am talking about a set of circumstances brought into your life that adversely affects you and those that care about you. Often times we bring it upon ourselves. At other times sandtraps are purposely laid out before us by others who don’t want to see us get too far down the road to our happiness, and some sandtraps are just simply a part of life.

    Whatever the case maybe we get “stuck” in one way or another. Some setbacks are bigger than others but nonetheless getting stuck in the quicksand of setbacks always leaves a person in need of help. In reality, it is nearly impossible to get out of a sand trap alone. The more one tries to get out the further they sink. Help and being open to it is the only way to get up and out of a sandtrap and get back on track again.

    As with quicksand fighting it alone sinks us deeper into the trap. Every move must be a calculated one. Too many wrong moves when stuck in a sandtrap and you’ll eventually sink you to the bottom. GAME OVER! This is why outside assistance is so important. Rational thinking won’t come from a person slowly sinking. Rational thinking must come from those who care and are clear enough in their own minds to lend assistance.

    When people get stuck and derailed in life they usually go through a moment of false pride. This makes it nearly impossible for them to ask for or seek help. Unfortunately, people usually wait until things become very unmanageable and this becomes very noticeable to those around us. Once we get to the “writing on the wall” phase this is when we can place our pride in our back pocket and sit on it. This is when dealing with our issue can start and receiving help can now begin.

    It is this thought where I want to shine a spotlight. Let’s reverse this pattern. When you hit an issue-“sand trap” take a step back- deal with it and get the assistance you need to get up and onward with your life. Let it be professional counseling, rehab, spiritual advisors, friends, family, etc. Sandtraps such as divorce, drug addiction, alcoholism, job-related issue, bad business deals, financial hardships, death of a loved one, personal health, and so on, only get worse and grow into more complex issues if ignored. Unfortunately, this is when a sandtrap becomes quicksand.

    When your ego-based denial pops up…slay it! And deal with whatever issues you are facing and conclude them pronto and move on!  Get back into your life without staying too long on the sidelines. Staying in the periphery of your life will eventually fill you full of fear and apprehension. Not good!  Whatever the issue may be, early detection and dealing with it is key.

    Journey Through Sandtraps and Quicksand

    Think about it.  If you were in a true quicksand trap and immediately realize that you are sinking deeper and deeper from every effort you make to save yourself, would you deny help if help showed up? Of course not! Being prideful when stuck in quicksand is the wrong thing to be and it can place you in a very precarious situation. Regrettably, this is exactly what many people go through before they surrender and accept assistance. The goal is to address the issue, receive the necessary help, learn from the struggle, get healed, and ultimately return back to your life as a new and improved person!

    In this way, you can use your newly acquired coping tools to avoid and hopefully eliminate future sandtraps as you move forward with your life. It’s pretty basic. You develop life skills by dealing with issues, as they arise and not waiting until they become totally overwhelming. Each time you exterminate an issue and remove yourself from a quicksand scenario in your life you will grow immensely.

    Envision yourself as a knight in shining armor wielding a mighty sword that becomes sharper and sharper as you joust your way past sandtraps and moments of adversity. Eventually, sandtraps and the quicksand that they bring with them will begin to fear you. Now, how’s that for a reversal?  You don’t fear it, you make it fear you. Slay the dragons of difficulty until no more show up.





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