Jeep Wheel & Tire Packages – What You Need To Consider Before Buying

    Are you working on a Jeep Wrangler build? Maybe you’ve already been looking at some Jeep Wrangler lift kits and fender flares. Your next decision may be which tires and wheels you will use. Many people are less familiar with their options in this area and can be unsure of what to choose. The following information will help you choose the right set.


    Size plays a big role in Jeep wheels and tires packages. Larger tires will absorb more impact on the trail and generally give you more traction. Additionally, they can help to lift your vehicle off the ground for better clearance. The following are a few of the size options for Jeep tires:

    • 33 Inch: This tire diameter is good for light and occasional off-roading. They are also comfortable and reliable on the road. This look is also great for aesthetics.
    • 35 Inch: These slightly larger tires work reasonably well on the road and can handle quite a few trails. However, they typically require a lift kit to be usable.
    • 38 Inch: These tires will take you almost anywhere you want to go off-road. However, they will require a lift kit and regearing to work well.
    • 40 Inch: These are the ultimate off-roaders. However, they will need at least a six-inch lift and many other modifications.


    The tread on your tires has a big impact on how well they will perform off-road. For example, you may look for a more aggressive pattern for mud. Winter tires typically require deep grooves that can grip on snow. Sand tires have special horizontal or V-shaped patterns.

    It may be a good idea to opt for all-terrain tires. These can handle many trails while still performing well on the road. However, if you know you will be taking on challenge trails of a specific terrain type, you can’t beat purpose-made tires.


    Off-roading can be tough on tires. While normal road use may let you go 50,000 or more miles on one set of tires, hitting the trail can shorten that lifespan significantly. Each set of tires is rated for a different amount of mileage. It may also be a good idea to speak with other enthusiasts who have used the same tires to learn about their experiences.


    The compound on your tires has a major impact on its grip, especially during different temperatures. If you expect to be off-roading in the winter, you need tires with a cold-weather compound. Conversely, those tires will offer very poor performance in the hot desert. You can always buy all-seasons. However, for the best performance, you need to get tires with a season-specific compound.

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    Discover more about Jeep wheels and tires. When you pair them with awesome accessories such as a trail jack and one of the best winches for Jeeps, you will be ready for anything the trail can throw at you. Building your ultimate Jeep Wrangler can take some time and hard work. However, it is completely worth it when you take on some truly challenging obstacles while off-roading.


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