Unusual But Great Gifts for the Holiday Season

    Well, it’s that time again. The holiday season. And it’s a weirder one than we’ve ever experienced. For many, this is a particularly dark winter due to the pandemic, which means that if you have the funds for it, this is the perfect year to be a generous gift giver. Some people could really use a loving gesture.

    However, a pair of socks, a sweater, a tie, or a fruit cake isn’t going to cut it. If you’re going to get someone a gift, make it one that they’re really going to appreciate and use. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    The following is a list of 5 unusual gifts – some might even say risqué gifts – that could really lift the mood of the recipient during this dark winter. 

    Sex toys

    Yup, we’re starting with a bang.

    There are few constants in life but throughout history, we’ve seen that the sex drive of mammals is one of them. After all, without sex, our species could not reproduce. While sex has obviously transcended the simple category of reproduction, there’s nevertheless some powerful evolutionary machinery at work there. 

    Alright, enough beating around the bush….

    Sex toys may not be the right gift for everyone. For example, your traditionalist grandma might not fully appreciate the gesture. However, you likely know quite a few friends who are too sheepish to buy their own dildo or vibrator but would be thrilled to receive one as a stocking stuffer.

    CBD and hemp products

    The revolution is medical marijuana laws and, in many cities, the outright decriminalization of marijuana has allowed more people to experiment with CBD, a cannabinoid found in marijuana. CBD does induce the same “high” of THC but has beneficial pain and anxiety relief properties. In fact, many people who live with chronic pain have been able to replace their prescription pills with CBD products. 

    The relaxing of laws against marijuana also means the stigma behind consuming it is slowly fading. For years, scientists wanted to study the positive effects of cannabinoids like CBD and CBN but couldn’t because it was basically illegal. 

    Now we’re in a new age and it’s no longer taboo to give some a Christmas gift box full of marijuana. Additionally, if you have a parent or older family member or friend who is struggling with pain, CBN may just be the best gift they ever get. 

    Virtual reality (VR) gear

    This one’s not so much risqué as it is risky because virtual reality technology is still burgeoning and not everyone likes it. While some of the newer VR systems are getting high marks, some people find the movements disorienting. 

    A new innovation reported recently may revolutionize the sense of touch in VR experiences, but until then, VR is largely visual and auditory at this point.  This stretchable skin sensor could make it seem like you’re actually touching that lightsaber you want so badly to wield. 

    However, as much as we might want to live in the world depicted in Ready Player One, we’re still a long way off. In the meantime, though, some of your family members or friends could be thrilled to receive a VR headset.

    Streaming video subscription

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are streaming more video content than ever before. If you have a friend or family member who is particularly obsessed with a certain show, or if they just binge a ridiculous number of movies and TV shows, a streaming video subscription may be the best gift they’ll ever get. 

    While Netflix still rules the roost – often bragging that their main competitor is sleep – there has been a surge in new, comparable services like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, etc. 

    This is going to be one of the strangest and bleakest holiday seasons in recent history. Many people won’t be able to visit their families due to the pandemic and millions of people are mourning losses and struggling financially. If you have the wherewithal, this is a great year to be a generous gift giver. 

    But think outside the box. Just like you didn’t really want grandma’s sweater when you were a kid, you don’t want thoughtless packaging as an adult. Make this holiday season the year of incredible (albeit unusual) gifts. 


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