Stephen Kommer, How He Scaled His Agency; Mentors Jordan Platten’s Affluent Academy

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    Stephen Kommer

    I have connected with many entrepreneurs but few have the drive and passion that Stephen Kommer has to educate and deliver results.

    Born In Venezuela, Kommer grew up right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His international experiences sparked awareness and he knew the traditional path was not for him.

    In 2016, Kommer discovered SEO or Search Engine Optimization and founded his first company EKommerce Web Design & SEO. He knew entrepreneurship was his future so he decided to practice the skill with family and friends prior and rank their businesses highly in local & regional searches on Google—and it worked! 

    Due to parental pressure, however, Kommer decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh and to get a four year degree. He struggled for years to balance his business, college courses, a social life, and the hurdles that come with scaling an agency and building a team. More importantly, he knew hitting Starbucks 7 times a day and all-nighters were not sustainable long term so he did what any resourceful entrepreneur would do; he outsourced his university work to his peers. 

    Kommer said—““This was in retrospect the first lesson on learning how to manage people, timelines, and expectations. It often requires money or time to get what you want. If you can’t afford to give up one, then you have no choice but to give up the other,” the hustler remarks.”

    In December of 2019, Jordan Platten launched his Affluent Academy and that is where things started to pick up for Kommer. He purchased the course and gained access to a private facebook group where all of the students could ask questions and do live Q&A’s with Jordan. 

    “Value first for me has been as close to a lifestyle as you could possibly get. Every question I could answer in the group, I would, and if I couldn’t, I’d educate myself to be able to. This belief has taught me so so much and it’s been able to let me teach others too, which has been infinitely fulfilling for me. More so than any amount of money could ever be. “

    His value first approach sparked the interest of Jordan Platten and they started discussing Kommers goals and forming a game plan together. Not long after, Jordan interviewed Kommer and invited him on the team to manage his community.

    “That group has led to some amazing friendships and working relationships with some of the coolest and well-rounded people from across the globe. It was and still is awesome to be connected to such like-minded people that I never would have met if I never would’ve joined the program or did that interview.” 

    Financially, Kommer has been playing with the big dogs for a while, but he states” things blew up fast for me after the interview” and the fulfilment he gets from helping others puts people over profits.

    For more information, visit Ascension Digital’s website or follow Stephen Kommer on Instagram!


    • Christien Bouc is a 6 figure agency owner who specializes in social media growth and monetization. With over 20,000+ members in his mastermind Facebook group, Christien and his team are on a mission to help influencers and companies scale their online business!

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