Jarrod Glandt – Millennial Self-Made Millionaire

    If you’re a Millennial in business, you most likely heard of Grant Cardone. Grant is a sales God who has built a $500 million a year business between his holding companies and sales company. Grant has always been Rockstar for the last 15 years but really has experienced triple digit growth annual growth these last few years due to social media and execution of his vision by his staff.

    His VP of Sales, Jarrod Glandt, has heads his sales team – 45 strong by bringing in 7 figures in a month to possibly the best sales training company (and platforms) in the world – Cardone University.

    It has not been a cake walk for Jarrod as he experienced success early in his life but then quickly gave it all away through partying and excess. He hooked up with Grant in LA and then followed him to Miami with breakout success. Jarrod has become a millionaire in less than 4 years and is now sharing his secrets with the world.

    Jarrod sat down with New Theory Podcast as we had a special guest jump in on the call.

    Take a listen:

    For more information on Jarrod and Grant Cardone’s premium content:  Click Here to Succeed

    Photo Credit: JustinPrince.com


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