Hit Her With the Skates: A New Musical

    New Theory Attended the new musical, Hit Her With the Skates at the UCPAC Hamilton Stage.

    Let’s be honest; local plays are hit or miss. Although you get the passion of the local artist, you sometimes compromise on talent. Especially being one train seat away from Broadway by living in Union County, NJ as it’s tempting to forgo these plays for higher production presentations.

    However, Hit Her With The Skates at the Union County Performing Arts Center has both the talent and passion of any Broadway musical.

    It’s 1994, and 29-year old Rockstar Jacqueline Miller has a lot to celebrate. She’s headlining her first national tour and returning for a hometown concert at her beloved Windy City Skates. When complications hit her head on, Jacqueline comes face-to-face with her 12-year-old self and all the things she learned during the golden age of the roller rink in 1977. From the wisdom of the Ouija Board to the power of Smarties candy, HIT HER WITH THE SKATES explores the magic and hope of finding your one true love.

    The main character is relatable as you explore her current relationship while she is being trailed by her younger self. “It was a time when we had our differences, but when it all came down to it you got out on that floor, whether it be the dance floor or the roller rink floor, and all of the difference melted away and we’d just come together and have fun,” said Christine Rea, who wrote Hit Her with the Skates with her husband Rick Briskin.

    Hit Her with the Skates is a musical that will run through May 27 at Hamilton Stage in Rahway, NJ. This is a major step in the development of any play, but even more so for a musical. The play has been in development since its 2009 with a few (public and private) staged readings along the way bringing it to this point.  There is no doubt that this play will reach Broadway if their creators choose to do so.

    In the meantime, catch this show as it only has a  few more days left.  We at New Theory feel this a must see!

    Here is the plays website: https://www.hitherwiththeskates.com/



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