5 Design Tips For A Great Business Website

    Building your business website is only step one.  Having a “finished” product doesn’t necessarily mean that your business website will get the job done.  As a matter of fact, a business website is never truly “finished.”

    Your digital business hub should be a living, breathing entity that keeps pace with the vibe of the community.  Here is a quick breakdown of a few critical design tips for a great business website. Read through, and consider how you might upgrade your organization’s design today.  

    Give visitors a way to move around

    Make sure your business website has a simple mode of navigation included in the design.  People need a way to move around and explore the content your business disperses, and a stationary navigation bar is the perfect way to suffice the need.  

    Adding a stationary (or floating) navigation element to your business website will make it easier for visitors to get lost in your engaging creations.  This commercial construction website displays a perfect example of a stationary navigation bar, and it’s easy to see why simple is the name of the game.  

    Engage the community in conversation

    A great business website engages visitors in a two-way conversation through creative elements of design.  It’s quite traditional to have a “Contact Us” page within your design layout, but you should invest in other pleas for communication as well.  

    Craft a collection of well-written blog posts, and add a “leave a comment” box at the bottom of every new entry.  Add a simplified contact form on your homepage, and send out email communication each week to your digital rolodex.  

    Always optimize your content for mobile users

    Web design can no longer ignore the mobile community online.  Mobile devices are the number one way to access the internet today, and your website’s design should reflect this trend.  Make certain to optimize all of your organization’s digital content for mobile viewing.  

    Adding media queries to your website’s design coding will help solve your mobile optimization issues in a flash.  Media queries set your pages up to automatically detect and adjust to the size of the screen currently viewing your pages.  

    Utilize the concepts of SEO

    Search engine optimization has been around long enough that you have most likely heard of its concepts.  If you’re not fluent in SEO, your business website deserves the effort to become fluent in SEO.

    Keep tabs on the progress you make

    Once you integrate the new design aspect you learn, you need to be keeping tabs on the progress your website is making each week.  Data analysis is vital to your digital success.  Check out Google Analytics for a little more information.


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