Is It Worth It To Have a Company Car?

    Depending on what industry you are in and what kind of company you are a part of, it might be possible someday to have a company car. At some point, you might try to figure out if it’s worth it. Is it truly a perk to drive around in a vehicle that your company provides? Most people who have a company car will say yes, but others might not be so sure. Logic will dictate what you ultimately decide.

    There are a few questions you can ask yourself about this matter. First, you have to decipher the essence of the business car. Is it a part of your professional ethos? Second, you can think about the intelligence of the lease in the first place. There are pros and cons to buying versus owning. And third, keep in mind the tragedy of the commons. If you don’t feel ownership of the company car, you probably won’t take care of it as well as you should.

    The Essence of the Business Car

    When it comes to buying a business car, there are a few separate perspectives. It made be that your company is buying the vehicle for you as a way of telling you you are doing a good job. Or, perhaps you are the company owner, and you are buying a business car to utilize as a sales technique. In either case, a vehicle associated with the business need is a good idea for practical, logistical, and financial reasons. As long as you aren’t wasting money somehow, the purchase of a company car in this matter is almost always a good bet.

    The Intelligence of a Lease

    Next up, consider if it is smart to lease or own a car. Even if you approach this from a personal perspective, it should give you a little bit of insight into whether it’s a good idea to own a company car or not. It might be that the company is leasing it to you or gives you a perk in that regard because they have an exclusive arrangement with a car company. There are all sorts of different contracts that you may need to be a part of. Sometimes simplicity is the best answer, though, and in that case, you always have to look for the path of least resistance.

    The Tragedy of the Commons

    Are you familiar with the tragedy of the commons? It’s what happens when people use something that doesn’t belong to them. If there are no consequences for you either maintaining something or not supporting it, most people default on the fact that they will not put energy into keeping something in good shape. So something to consider if you plan on getting a company car is whether you or whoever uses it will treat it as though it’s their own.


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