Laura Egocheaga on Digital Entrepreneurship: 3 Tips for Success

    Serial entrepreneur and CEO Laura Egocheaga knew that she was slated for success early on in life. Founder and CEO of Viral Growth Media, Egocheaga started dipping her toes into affiliate marketing while still in high school, making her first 20k in just six months.

    She started moving on to bigger things, learning all she could about coding, SEO, digital marketing and web development.

    She used all these resources and relationships built in the digital marketing industry to have found DivibeTech, a growth hacking digital agency that helps both brick and mortar and digital businesses scale and grow their business without losing their core values and purpose. 

    She is also the author of “The Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing.” One of the leading figures in social media marketing today. Egocheaga is sought for her insights on digital ad positioning, branding, marketing strategy, full-stack marketing and the secrets to transitioning traditional businesses into the digital world.

    Here she shares 3 things that are essential if you want to succeed in digital entrepreneurship. 

    Adopt a growth mindset 

    Entrepreneurs succeed because they don’t think like others. Thought processes and mental skills that are learned in life have to work in business and vice versa. Being an entrepreneur is not just about growing your business. It starts with the proper mental focus on positivity, self-improvement, growth, and taking this mindset with you to the office where you focus on scaling and growing your business. This involves letting go not just of your mental clutter but also cutting off external influences that only produce negative energy and influence. 

    Use sales funnels wisely 

    Sales funnels are essential if you want to scale your business quickly.This also means knowing how to choose the right ones for your business and knowing the right time to use them. Like any other tool, sales funnels can only get you so far if you don’t have the mastery. Master sales funnels, know how to tailor the right funnel for a specific business and you’ll be guaranteed success. 

    Look at the successful processes utilized by large business like MedSpa to see what they’re doing right, and use that knowledge to fine-tune your own processes. The mastery of your sales funnels is essential because this is the only way to know if you are doing something wrong and if there’s a particular step that you need to tweak. Evaluation and reevaluation are also essential because this can help you keep improving the entire process so that the customer comes back for more. 

    Learn to focus on the essentials 

    Focus is crucial in business, whether you are a digital entrepreneur or not. Digital entrepreneurship comes with so many distractions because your work environment is both online and offline. Know what your strengths and skills are and how these play a role in your business. Know what the distractions are so you can minimize them. Emails and unlimited online time can eat up time meant for lead generation, product research, and building networks through offline interactions. Cut out the distractions so you can focus on your business. 

    For more business insights and to follow her newest ventures, get in touch with Laura Egocheaga on Facebook and Twitter.


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