Is It the Right Time to Purchase Your First Electric Vehicle?

    Electric vehicles are advancing and changing all the time and the market is bigger now than ever. If you’ve always been interested in buying an electric car but still haven’t made the switch, you may have been holding off due to pricing, limited selection, fewer resources, and convenience. These days, these issues are becoming less and less relevant.

    If you’re still on the fence about buying your first electric car, here are four things to consider before making your decision. 

    Check Your Finances

    If financing has been holding you back, rest assured that there are affordably priced electric cars coming to the market. While electric cars are typically more expensive than traditional options, newer models with lower prices are being released all the time. Further, new electric car owners can receive tax credits from the U.S. government that offset some of the initial expenses

    Additionally, there are plenty of cost-effective aspects of owning an electric vehicle. The electricity used to charge your car will cost you less than regular trips to the gas station would and new models with longer ranges cut down charging costs further. It may also be harder to find competitive rates for electric car insurance, but there are companies out there with plans that will fit your budget.

    Research Local Resources

    Before you make a purchase, make sure that your area has ample resources for electric car owners in the event that you need maintenance, emergency service, or a charge on the go. Some areas will have more public charging stations than others. While most people charge their vehicles at home, you may need to visit a station if your car unexpectedly dies or you run close to your range’s limit. If your city is behind on developing electric car offerings, you may need to hold off on your purchase.

    You should also check to see if there are technicians in your area that are qualified to work on electric cars. Most auto mechanics aren’t trained to service electric motors, so you may need to be near a specialized electric car garage or dealership to ensure that you have access to help when you need it.

    Consider New Habits

    Further, you should also consider if an electric car and the lifestyle changes that come along with it would suit your needs and habits. Electric cars are ideal for people with short commutes and minimal daily driving distances. The typical range for an electric vehicle is about 200 miles per charge, which may not be enough if you do a lot of heavy or long-distance driving. 

    You may also notice different conveniences with electric cars than with traditional cars. For instance, if you install a charging station in your home and charge your car overnight, you can wake up to a full vehicle that’s ready for your commute. However, it takes much longer to charge your car than it does to fill it up at a gas station. It can take hours to charge your car from empty to full, meaning that quick fixes aren’t available and you may need to have a backup form of transportation if your car is low on power. 

    While these facts are a downside for some, being able to switch to a vehicle that supports your green lifestyle likely outweighs these slight inconveniences.

    Find the Perfect Model

    Finally, look into all of the electric cars that are currently on the market and see if there’s an option that appeals to you. There is a larger variety of makes, models, and features to choose from than ever before, so the electric vehicle you’ve been waiting on may already exist. There are cars, SUVs, and even pickup trucks with electric engines, and some models even have extended 300-400 mile ranges. If you shop around, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and preferences.

    Eco-friendly options are the future of transportation, so getting in early is a smart move. Take these factors into consideration and decide if one of the electric vehicles on the market today is right for you!


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