Is It Profitable To Invest In A Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is the brainchild of modern technology.  Digital money reflects the desire of people to get relevant and convenient money. They are not pieces of paper that each of us uses every day. In this case, coins in most cases are only a by-product of the site, which offers some actual and original idea. For example, blocking or smart contracts. 

    Decentralization:  Crypto-currencies are a common asset. They can be used in all corners of the world (with rare exceptions). Often investors do not even pay taxes on their profits. It is very difficult to track cryptholders. If desired, these people can remain anonymous. At the same time, controlling this industry.

    The growth of the price of cryptocurrency: Appearing on the market, most coins cost only a couple of cents (and sometimes even less). As a result, an investor can buy a large number of tokens. Over time, their price rises. Sometimes a jump occurs at once – it depends on the market’s interest in the coin or whether the pampas are trying to do it. Of course, it happens that the rate drops sharply. But in the long term, there are still good chances that the cost will rise. 

    Expansion of the crypto-currency market: If you have not yet found a project that will be interesting regarding investment, you just have to wait. Usually every week there is at least one interesting project that requires money for development. And new crypto-currencies appear regularly. Today there are already several thousand crypto-currencies.

    Types of Investment

    If you decide to invest in cryptocurrency in 2018, you need to decide on which kind of investment to make the attachment. This fact calculates Even the amount of the investment. However, you can have information on real-time investment opportunities through crypto signals, such as trade signals telegram.  So, let’s consider a small list of types of crypto-currency investments:

    Long-term investment:  This means that an investor buys cheaper coins, waiting for a certain time (usually a couple of months) and markets have already risen in price tokens. You cannot sell immediately but wait for years until the Cryptocurrency grows. 

    Mining:  What could be better than buying coins? Their extraction. All you need to do is buy equipment. But top-coin mining is no longer available to ordinary users. It requires too much power. At the same time, there are hundreds of coins that you can simply mine, even using an ordinary computer.

    Cloud mining:  This type of earnings on coins is different from the classical mining. No heavy equipment. Power is leased from remote services. At the same time, rent depends on what coin minimize.

    Invest in a crypto-currency project: Here the rule is that the creators of the cryptocurrency can earn the most from it. But to do a project, you need knowledge. This is not an easy job. Even professionals do not always cope with it at a high level. 

    In Buying Coins For A Long Time

    The easiest way to invest in crypto-currencies is to make a long-term investment. Buying a long-term cryptocurrency is rightfully considered to be the safest method of making a profit. All that the investor needs are to wait for the coin to grow. Usually, this strategy is called Buy & Hold.

    The scheme of this strategy can be most graphically described in the following paragraphs:

    At the first step, the investor chooses the cryptocurrency – As a rule, it is better for novice investors to choose crypto-currencies from the TOP-10 by the volume of capitalization. They combine high reliability and good yield.

    The second step is direct purchase – The investor moves to the exchange or uses the exchanger to make a purchase. If you buy through the exchange, please note that not all sites work with fiat.

    Step three – You need to withdraw the cryptocurrency into a reliable store. You can leave coins on the account if you trade them, but for long-term storage.

    The fifth step is the sale of an appreciated currency – This is done after reaching a predetermined price. Even if the rate falls, do not rush to get rid of the investment. If today coins become cheaper, tomorrow they can rise in price several times.


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