3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks That You Should Invest In

    You may not realise this right now, but Artificial Intelligence, or AI as we more commonly refer to it, is getting bigger than we could have ever imagined.If you’re looking for something to invest in that’s going to lead to long-term returns, AI is the perfect choice. It’s been building up for years and is about ready to take over.

    Ever since Arthur Samuels introduced his checkers-playing program in the 50’s, people have been speculating about how far AI could actually go. And others have been taking a step further and actually planning for how we were going to use intelligent machines in the future.

    With the technology we have at our disposal now, AI has come a long, long way, even in just the last few years. Machines have in fact surpassed humans in a lot of different areas and are able to do a lot of jobs even faster and more efficiently than people can.

    And this is only just the beginning. Right now, it’s projected that the AI industry could reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2050.   Sounds like it’d be a good idea to invest in it right now doesn’t it? In my opinion, there is no better investment options out there.

    So, if you want to get the best out of these investments, you need to invest in the best companies. Here’s three extremely promising options.

    1.    IBM

    IBM, which is rarely referred to by its full name The International Business Machines Corporation, has been a leading technology company for almost 100 years.

    In fact, in 1960 IBM was the most profitable company in the entire world. They’ve been involved in more major technology advancements than you can count.  From the earliest magnetic hard drives to the revolutionary floppy disk, IBM has been changing the face of technology ever since the day it went into business.  They’ve always played a huge part in the development of AI specifically and continue to do so to this day.

    Arthur Samuels was actually working for IBM when he unveiled that checkers-playing machine that we discussed earlier. Recently, IBM has been putting more and more focus on AI and have in fact began to transition their efforts from various other revenue segments towards their AI endeavours.

    They’ve already got a system in place known as ‘Watson AI’, which is a cloud-base software that analyzes financial patterns and could be beneficial for many companies going forward.

    This is just one of the many AI based projects that IBM is kicking off right now and as AI becomes more prevalent, IBM becomes more valuable for investors.   Even if you don’t consider their dealings with AI, IBM is already a fantastic company to invest in because they are a high-yielding dividend stock.  

    This basically means that the company pays out a share of its profits to those who invest in it and they have a very high payout rate.

    If you want to more about this, check out this article on suredividend.com which goes into detail on high-dividend stocks and which ones are worth investing in.

    So IBM is a company that you really think about investing in anyway and the fact that they are one of the most important companies developing AI right now is even further incentive.

    1.    Intel

    Intel is yet another company that has been around for a long, long time and is one of the most prominent names in technology.They weren’t actually around when IBM was producing the earliest AI developments but these days their connection to the industry is hugely important.

    One major thing that Intel does right now, is supply chips that power a lot of AI machines. The chips Intel produces process information very quickly and are energy efficient too.  They were developed by a company called Altera which Intel purchased for $16 billion not too long ago. This proved to be a genius move due to the advancements AI has been making.

    With massive industry that’s just getting bigger, Intel has become a huge supplier of one of the most important elements of that industry.  In addition to that, Intel has been working on their own processors which are designed specifically for AI-related tasks.

    Intel have another line of chips called Nervana Nueral Network Processors (NNP chips) which will increase the efficiency of AI deep learning by quite a bit.  Like IBM, Intel is a company that is high-dividend yielding so it’s definitely an AI stock that would be worth investing in.

    1.    Nvidia

    Nvidia is not a company that’s been around for as long as Intel or IBM, nor is it one that would generally be thought of as a major name in technology.  But they are producing an awful lot of AI products which are very valuable to the development of the industry.  The company is one of the leading companies that work on AI content for gaming. With video games getting more and more complex nowadays, the AI needs to be more powerful too.

    Nvidia is a big part of the advancements there. One of the more understated things that they’ve been doing lately has to do with AI and photography.  They’ve recently taught an AI computer how to recognize and remove grain and watermarks from pictures.  It’s like Photoshop without human interference! These are just a couple of the many different things that Nvidia is doing with AI right now.

    They are probably one of the companies that are more willing to experiment with the technology and this has led to some incredible results. It’s also interesting to note that right now, Nvidia’s stock is on the rise. It’s stronger in 2018 than it has been for a long time, and that’s in the face of major selling pressure.

    It is an excellent stock to invest in, and that’s only going to get better as AI continues to expand.


    I would say that AI is the future, but in truth, I actually think that it’s the present. Like I said before, it’s been developing for fifty years and is getting more powerful by the second.  In the not too distant future, AI is probably going to dominate the technology industry and in truth, there’s a good chance it will dominate a lot of other industries too.

    Invest in it right now, and very soon you’ll be glad that you did.

    Opinions in this article may not reflect that of New Theory Management, invest at your own risk.


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