Is Apple TV the Future of Plastic Surgery?

    New Theory Podcast interview Nurse Paula Young, Podcaster and Aesthetic Expert as We Discuss Beauty and Tech

    The Plastic Surgery industry is over $15 billion per annum.  It’s expected to increase as it’s culturally acceptable for Millennials to get both surgical and non-surgical treatments. It has also become common for Men to seek cosmetic procedures as well. New Theory hosted Nurse Paula Young who recently launched her podcast on The Plastic Surgery Network by Living Sage on APPLE TV. Is the future of Plastic Surgery on APPLE TV? You can watch procedures in the comfort of your living room.

    Take a listen as Paula and Tom discuss the latest breakthroughs in technology in the multi-billion dollar industry.

    Take a listen:

    Check out Paula’s Podcast here: It’s a Young Thing on The Plastic Surgery Network

    To download the Plastic Surgery Network by Living Sage on APPLE TV, click here:

    Plastic Surgery Network by Living Sage on TvOS


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