Business Which Require Government Licensing To Function

    Certain businesses require licensing for its operation, given its very nature which might involve higher quantum of risk compared to others. In our today’s article, we shall take a look at some such industries which require government licensing for their legal operation.

    • Gambling

    The states which permit gambling have made it mandatory to obtain a gaming license which can be an extremely invasive affair. Details pertaining to background history are examined by the concerned authorities to limit the issuance of licenses and mitigate organized-crime activities.

    • Firearms

    The licensing requirements of firearms vary in accordance with its type and the activity it shall cater to. These licenses are issued by the concerned authorities positioned at local, state and federal levels. Shooting ranges, gun stores and sale of fireworks also fall within the purview of the firearms industry and need to obtain requisite licenses. These firearms need to be kept clean to prevent rust deposit and malfunctioning as prescribed by the experts at Bestazy.

    • Alcohol

    Manufacturers who sell or import alcohol need to obtain requisite licenses. Restaurants serving the same also need to obtain a liquor license. The cost of these licenses usually varies from state to state.

    • Retail

    It is mandatory for retail operations selling firearms, tobacco and alcohol to obtain requisite licenses. Other retail businesses shall face the basic requirement of having a business license and resale permit for its operations. Retail businesses selling a large variety of goods need to have the proper license backing for each such product offering.

    • Beauty

    Salons and spas need to obtain an occupational license. These have been made mandatory by the cosmetology board functioning at the state level. Beauty experts working with nails, hair and skin need to abide by certain pre-determined standards of health and sanitation compliance. Licenses of cosmetology are issued on completion of an apprenticeship or educational training by any state-backed authority.

    • Food

    Concerns about the spread of disease and sanitation make licensing requirements mandated in the highly regulated food service sector. Some common forms of license include food manager certification, food enterprise license, food handler inspection certificates and permits, etc. Restaurants serving alcohol also need to acquire a liquor license prior to their servicing.

    • Broadcasting

    Companies belonging to this sector need to operate in the public interest. Thus, their operations should be in alignment with public rights, finances and health. This is the very reason behind the massive licensing requirement in the broadcasting industry, having limited resources and making the application process a long drawn affair.

    • Aviation

    Starting from aircraft construction to transportation, the aviation industry requires a large number of permits and licenses for its operation. Such licenses are also mandatory for mechanics, pilots and medical examiners as well as individual aircraft, spaceports and airports.

    • Nuclear Energy

    Given its extremely dangerous nature, a large array of stringent regulations is in place for protecting workers as well as neighboring communities. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission provides certificates and licenses in the U.S. to both business houses and individuals for both transportation and manufacturing of nuclear materials. These licenses also bring people running disposal areas and nuclear plants under its purview. The main motive of such licensing is to ensure that the businesses operate with maximum safety standards.

    Government regulations are not baseless. If these regulations exist, then there must be a solid background reason behind it. Thus, you can be penalized with fines or jail time for violating the same.  


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