Introducing the Magnificent Genius of FULLER FRENCH and His Latest Album Champagne Rendezvous

    “There’s a dream that I keep dreaming, I hold the picture in my heart, and if it takes some time for me to make it happen, I’m gonna go that far.”

    Those are the words Fuller French sings in “It’s Just the Way Things Are,” one of the five tracks on his brand-new EP Champagne Rendezvous releasing May 31st on French Music, the follow-up to his 2017 instrumental debut, Something Wonderful, through music industry veteran Fred Croshal’s Croshal Entertainment Group.

    French is set to break genre barriers with his latest music, full of romantic serenade and swaying melodies that entice the listener to dream of the best that love could bring. A true lover, Fuller French is the type of man that draws your attention. With an unmatched confidence and mischievous elegance, his command to the bartender of a “Glenlivet and soda” generally has every other man in the restaurant ‘having what he’s having’ in attempt to achieve the same savvy distinction that seems so effortless in his gait.

    “I still don’t consider myself a singer,” he says with a coy smile, “But when I recorded these tracks and then listened back to them, I realized that I have my own style. I’m comfortable with my voice, which is more conversational and intimate.  To me, the most important things are the melody and the story, the beauty of a song.”

    His last album, Something Wonderful, appeared on the scene after an on-and-off music career that French seemed to address between the multitude of other worldly pursuits one can catch him involved in on a daily basis. Whether he is adding to the grand collection of television scripts at his ARTS Library (American Radio and Television Script Library), or discussing the latest market trends with his group of highly interesting compadres, in his heart French is constantly dreaming up his next love song and pursuit of the ultimate swoon.

    Indeed, the title track and first single, “Champagne Rendezvous” is a classic Parisian chanson, perfect for walking hand in hand along the Seine, with an accordion gently murmuring in the background.  It is something you might hear the late Charles Aznavour tackle, with hints of French’s primary influences in the pop of Burt Bacharach and Hal David or the horns influenced by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

    “That song is the purest thing I’ve ever written,” says French. “It’s such a personal song, just me singing directly to the object of my affection – my most beautiful inspiration.  I was in Capitol Studio B mixing a single from my last album, Something Wonderful, when I went to the piano and the beginnings of Champagne Rendezvous just poured out.  The feeling I had – and have – is that it conveys the sense of excitement when I give her a sly smile as if to say ‘come experience this moment with me in this magical place filled with adventure and possibility’ – there’s no one in the world truly alive but us.”

    Recorded at the iconic Capitol Records Studios with additional recording at L.A. studios the Treehouse and the Greene Room, Champagne Rendezvous was produced by C.J. Vanston with an album version and a radio edit included on the final release, the former sporting a spoken-word “Je t’aime Je t’aime” moment right out of Claude Lelouch’s 1966 classic A Man and a Woman. The song Champagne Rendezvous hits airwaves on May 17th.

    “It was a real challenge for me,” he says of making the EP, “Of course, I wanted it to be perfect.  What I’ve learned over the years, though, is that it’s never perfect.  I could chase that forever but what’s more important is the performance, the emotion and feeling I put into it. I try to convey those things in the way I sing.  It’s real. It’s pure.  And, hopefully someone special will think it’s beautiful.”

    You’re invited on a Champagne Rendezvous with Fuller French May 17th.


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