Introducing BASANTI, Indian Cuisine

    The influence and upbringing of Roshan’s father contributed to his appreciation of fine cuisine and his excitement in sharing it. Roshan finally fulfilled his dream of opening his own Indian restaurant ten years after it was first conceived.

    What inspired you to open BASANTI?

    Although Basanti was initially imagined in my thoughts in 2007, Basanti finally became a reality and found a home in lovely San Juan Capistrano in June 2017. I’ve always dreamed of opening a neighborhood restaurant serving delectable Indian food and providing friendly service while giving patrons the feeling that they were dining with close friends and family and receiving a home-cooked meal. I’m so glad to have that come to fruition today.

    Who has been the greatest influence on your cuisine?

    A decade in the making, Basanti is my tribute to my father for instilling in me a passion for good food and the joy that comes from sharing it with others.

    What feeling do you want guests to leave with after they step into BASANTI and try your food?

    I want my customers to get the impression that they are having dinner at their best friend’s home, who’s well-versed in both their personal and family favorites. A restaurant that serves cuisine that is catered to your absolute loves and those of your family. After indulging in all of their favorite delicacies, they should depart having a wonderful experience, feeling joyful and content, and eager to tell others about it.

    What distinguishes BASANTI as a restaurant?

    BASANTI is an Indian restaurant; more importantly, it is a family-friendly restaurant. Being a father of 2 sons who are picky eaters, I make sure that both adults and children alike have a good time at the restaurant. Many of our young kids love the food. It’s truly a great place to come together as a family or come for a special date night or celebration.

    How is your family involved in the restaurant? 

    We invested all of our savings when we opened Basanti in San Juan five years ago. My wife Shradha and I decorated the restaurant ourselves. Our boys ages 3 and 5 then came to wipe down tables and menus at that time. This summer, my now nine-year-old son started taking phone orders. Young minds can immediately learn the point-of-sale system. Matter of fact, he has been making recommendations to the guests as well. My wife still comes to help whenever we are short-staffed, especially during catering events. We take great pride in our business and are grateful for the opportunity to work together as a family to serve the community.

    What do you imagine the future of BASANTI to look like?

    The future of BASANTI is in the hands of our patrons. We were the first to introduce Indian food to San Juan Capistrano, receiving a great deal of support from the locals. Patrons in San Clemente welcomed us to Talega Village as well. Our mission is to continue to serve food of the highest caliber with unrivaled customer service to our community. We cordially invite everyone to stop by and give us a try. Visit to make a reservation or place an order.


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