Interview with Trust Stars Laura and Sarah Bellini

    New Theory chats with “Trust” stars as we discuss the infamous Getty abduction in Italy.

    The Bellini Sisters who will be starring with TV and film veterans Donald Sutherland, Hillary Swank, and Brendan Fraser, dubbed dynamic duo since birth, and remarkably talented Laura & Sarah Bellini mark their pivotal roles in FX’s upcoming thrilling dramatic crime series, “Trust” Sunday, March 25th. The plot focuses on the widely covered Italian kidnapping of the then-heir to the lucrative Getty Oil fortune, John Paul Getty III, “Trust” follows a contrast to other tellings of the narrative, detailing a young Getty in a hoax gone wrong, when he enacts a faux kidnapping in an effort to extort money from his grandfather. This of course, is encouraged by the adventurous and fame hungry sisters Martine and Jutta (portrayed by Laura & Sarah Bellini) who have intertwined themselves in Getty’s life leading up to, and throughout the events that take place.

    Sarah Bellini

    Laura Bellini

    Take a listen to this epic interview with the Bellini Sisters:

    Note: Laura had to call in and Sarah was on Skype so sound quality varies.

    Check out the Trust trailer here:

    Trust launches March 25th on FX at 10pm.


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