If You’re Going to Have a Man Bun, These Are The Rules

    man bun

    Man buns are all the rage.

    Apparently, there’s something extremely sexy about a scruffy man that can grow his hair longer than his significant other’s. Aside from growing beards and side parts, man buns have been the quickest trend to catch on for men in years.

    200But with great hair comes great responsibility… 200





    For many women, a man bun is all it takes- but there is a fine line between Orlando Bloom and greasy doom. If you want to jump onboard the man bun parade, you need to know there are a few standards and rules to pulling off the look.

    Remember: Tom Hank’s character from Cast Away is not the goal.

    The Rules of Man – Bunning:

    1. Wash your hair.

    Man buns are not an excuse to be dirty. That’s right, if you ‘grow the fro’ you better be willing to take care of it. By now you’ve probably heard women can go a few days without washing their hair, but let’s review why that’s okay for us and not for you:

    • Hair dryers
    • Curling irons
    • Wands
    • Hair spray
    • Teasing,
    • Straightening

    Get the picture?

    Women have to actually do their hair to look presentable. The glory of being a man is, you don’t even have to touch it. Jump out of the shower, twist that bad boy on the top of your head and you are set.  If you’re not going to wash it everyday, please, for the love, at least rinse it. That’s all we ask.


    2. Easy on the styling gels.

    Yeah, I’m talking to you Danny Zuko.  If you decide to take on a little style, go easy on the hair products. Although many old school looks are coming back into play, “creepy guy,”  is not one of them. You are not Antonio Banderas, do not slick you hair back super tight thinking it looks good. Believe us, it doesn’t. Less is more and none is probably your best bet.


    3. It’s all or nothing.

    As for the bun itself, there are rules. This new, shave your entire head except for the top and put that in a bun/ weird ponytail, look is disgusting. It’s actually equivalent to that weird tail everyone had in the 90’s. (Cue the shutter). What is the look you’re actually going for anyway?

    We know growing out your hair takes time, but make sure you look presentable until you hair has reached full-bun potential. Don’t get creative; no pigtail, no braids, nothing that will frighten a small child or make you look like you should be driving an unmarked white van. Keep it together.


    4. Keep It Classy

    Now, unfortunately, man buns fall under the same category as tattoos when it comes to the work place.  Corporate America has a business professional dress code that means guys can’t even have beards, let alone a man bun. I know- it’s not fair- but it’s the way of the world at this current moment.

    Truth is, people won’t take you as serious as they should if you come in giving off the vibe of hipster in the corporate world. Stay prim and proper now, and then when you take over the company one day, you can make in mandatory to have beards and man buns!



    Fads end, trends change, but if you’re going to be a part of the movement do it the right way. Stay clean, stay fresh, stay well groomed. Man buns do not excuse you from regular personal hygiene, including manscaping. If you’re one of those guys who wishes they could man bun it up but are uhm… lacking… You could always see a miracle worker Like Dr. Herbert Feinberg. #Hairtransplantsforthewin

    If you’re lucky enough to not need any help- grow that hair, baby!



    photocredit: giphy.com, google


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