CHARGE IT! 6 Boutiques That Will Feed Your Online Shopping Addiction


    Online shopping is the most beautiful and evil thing that has ever been invented in the history of the world.

    Okay, maybe that’s slightly overdramatic, but my bank account is crying.

    I mean, it’s not our fault that there are 52 Sundays in a year, meaning there are 52 brunches.. MEANING, we clearly need 52 new outfits. A repeat outfit would be an insult to mimosas everywhere.

    With so many new statements and styles, it’s impossible to say no. Keeping up with the trends is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life- and life is short, therefore every day needs to be treated as a fashion show.

    Unfortunately, getting to the mall or finding the time to check out the town’s newest boutiques isn’t always an option. But sweet baby Jesus has given us a solution.


    What do we want?!  EVERYTHING! NOW!- Preferably with 2 day express delivery.


    If you find yourself owning everything from Forever 21 and H&M (like me) then you’re going to have to check out these online boutiques. They have something for everyone and won’t break the bank.

    1. SPOOL NO. 72images-1

    Your inner hippie is about to go cray. Spool No.72 will become your newest addiction, and you will love every second of it. From feathered kimonos to lace dresses for every occasion to boots that will make an Eskimo envy you, you’ll be set. You’re welcome.


    2. Dor L’ Dorimages-2

      Dor L’ Dor has been my go to for any wedding or night out marked on my calendar for the past few years. Their website is filled with runaway looks at, “ I’m not going to have to sell my first born for this”, prices. Best part about it? If you live close to one of their nine stores in the New York/ New Jersey area, you can return whatever you purchased in the store and continue shopping. Beauty and convenience all in one? Sign me up!

    3. No Rest For Bridget images-4

    Attempting to match Taylor and Vanessa’s Killer street style? Look no further. No Rest For Bridget will have you running the streets of any city. These looks will have people begging you to tell them where you got everything you’re wearing. Their boutique located on Mulberry Street in Boston, Massachusetts will give you a taste of the wonders their online shop has to offer.

    4. ASOSimages-1

    Imagine spending only $20 for an entire year of free two-day shipping AND free returns.  I know, does such magic exist? It does, and it’s by ASOS. A British-based online company has their brand of beautifully made clothes that take you through 100 years of fashion. Looking for other brand names? They got you covered there as well. Quality? Amazing. Prices? On point. You’re addiction being under control? Never again.

    5. South Moon Under Unknown

    A store that tells you the most liked outfits on Pinterest? Phenomenal. South Moon Under so graciously displays styles that are killing the game on social media. Look for the little tags on the website that say, “Pinterest Favorites”, or stop in one of their stores located in Maryland and New Jersey.

    6. Alloy Apparel images-2

    Class, Sass and a dash of sophistication; Alloy has it all, including a rad Outlet section which will make your clearance dreams come true. Whether you’re heading off to college or you’re a super chic mama, you really can’t go wrong with anything Alloy has to offer. Tropical Island dresses? Check. Business Professional that will emulate Ivanka Trump? Double Check.

    These boutiques are amazing! Customer service? On point. Delivery options? Phenomenal. And I know this all from experience.  When buying something online making sure you have a reliable courier service is very important. Because of course without the courier, no delivery. Check out some London couriers from Absolutely.

    Now that you’re armed and ready for anything check out these awesome restaurants to show off your new fashionista style at brunch!

    Happy Shopping!



    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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