Hydricontrol Product Review

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    Some of us are young enough to remember what life before smartphones was like. For those who grew up in the seventies and eighties, we may have wondered about the usefulness of mobile phones or communications devices but we never imagined anything that resembled a smartphone – in a time of clunky 64kb personal computers with monochrome cathode tubes and our vinyl records, the concept of a pocket sized contraption that could deliver color tv, face to face communication across the earth and hold more music than you ever owned was not even in our science fiction stories. And yet, here we are with this having become reality, one that we cannot fathom living without. 

    In many ways, innovation is often like that, suddenly a contraption appears that we cannot live without: personal vehicles are another strong example. 

    We may be on the cusp of experiencing another such invention: a new haircare technology that transforms the health and beauty of our hair in ways that we have been able to imagine until now. Hydricontrol technology is finally available and it is going to be the new product that you will no longer be able to live without! 

    For over fifty years, hair care products have been using the same technology and variants thereof : alkyl sulfate salts he been used as the cornerstone of wash/shampoo bases and silicone chemistry and quaternary softeners have formed the active backbone of hair conditioners. These products have been very useful in allowing the development of broad use, consistent products that work fairly well in delivering acceptable performance in an affordable way. 

    However, they do have drawbacks that have been tolerated in view of the benefits that were offered: silicones have a tendency to weigh fine hair down and may build up a layer that initially adds shine but then may look greasy and pick up dirt while being poorly biodegradable and unnatural chemistry. Quaternary ammonium products have been used in textile softening due to their strong attraction to the fiber surface – they strongly deposit and remain he fiber surface and their use in wool treatment, laundry products and industrial cleaners is extensive. Although their efficacy in these applications is unmatched, their usefulness in personal care is offset by their corrosive nature: these products are strong biocides that destroy living cells that they come into contact with. Although the hair fiber does not have a metabolism and is unaffected by this effect, it is different when these products come into contact with skin, including scalp – they can have a direct impact on the dermal cells as well as indirect by affecting the microorganisms that constitute the microbiome on the skin and scalp. 

    The new hydricontrol technology avoids the use of silicone and quaternary ammonium products and instead uses ingredients that are far more biocompatible with skin while being supremely efficient on hair! The unique formula coats and protects the hair fiber, adding shine and controlling humidity uptake (hence the name) while also nourishing the keratin proteins with natural oils and emollients and protecting them from oxidation with vitamin E The result is hair that is restored to it’s natural beauty while protecting and nourishing the scalp which we believe is key for long term enhancement of hair health and beauty.

    This approach is milder than current products, yet yields immediately visible results and we are confident that users will see results that will lead them to use it consistently until they look back and wonder: “how did we ever live without this?” 

    We look forward to hydricontrol becoming the smartphone of haircare and we will continue to use our extensive formulating expertise to build on this and provide new products for everyone’s daily hair care needs. 

    For now, it is only available at your local salon, so please talk to your stylist if you would like to experience the difference of the newest hair care technology available.


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