How Zara Harutyunyan Became One of the Main Injecting Instructors for Beauty Giant Allergan 

    It all started A long time ago, before Zara Harutyunyan would be the founder of widely successful CRMC Aesthetics, and before she had moved to the United States. Zara grew up in a small, yet amazing country known as Armenia where she would practice gynecology, to be more specific in the realm of infertility. Growing up she always knew Medicine was her passion and the thing she wanted to be in for the rest of her life. Growing up in a home where all the women in her family have gone on to become doctors it was almost her destiny to continue to pursue medicine. After a few years, she decided to move to the United States and met with the unfortunate reality of continuing to practice gynecology. She would have to start her entire process all over, Zara knew with a growing family that would not be an option. So she decided to pursue another route and earn her RN, and even going to get her nurse practitioner license. 

    At this time is when she started actively injecting and going on to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing providers of Botox and Fillers in California. This success and notoriety didn’t go unnoticed by the company Allergan and they offered Zara a position within the company as a National Trainer/Speaker. Since then she is chosen very often to be on advisory Boards for different companies that develop beauty-related products and services. This success within the industry has taken her influence and status as a true expert to the next level and even adding to that high demand for Zara’s work. 

    How Working for Allergan Impacted Her Practice at CRMC 

    Being an Allergan appointed National Trainer allows Zara to be informed about all the new products that come to the market and offers pre-market exclusivity to these new products and technologies before they will be available for the rest of the injectors.

    On top of having access to life-changing products, the most impact has been building status as one of Southern California’s most trusted, Robust, and advanced practices. This added expertise and prestige has done incredible things for CRMC Aesthetics and a new platform for Zara to show the world her work. 

    Zara’s Experience Instructing Injections for Allergan

    Zara’s perspective on many aesthetic treatments has changed since she has begun instructing injections for Allergen. She believes injections should be used for preventative measures or simple enhancements, and her unique natural method has made her an expert in the aesthetic community. From what we’ve seen from Zara, it’s easy to see that she loves what she does, from sharing her knowledge with other novice injectors down to helping them hone their skills, as she was once in their shoes. 

    Since becoming a certified instructor for Allergan she has trained with many different types of injectors, from novice to advanced. She is great at tailoring her approach to different needs and abilities whether the injector she is training is completely new to injecting or has years’ worth of experience and just wants to advance their techniques (learning from Zara). Zara even helps provide a detailed explanation of facial anatomical structures, she educates regarding the various types of FDA approved toxins and fillers available in the US, and those discussions entail product differences, muscle and tissue interactions, along with cautions and precautions with the use of each injectable. 

    As of now, we know that Zara Harutyunyan was the correct choice as a great representative of the industry as a whole. Zara is welcoming, passionate, and dedicated to improving the lives of everyone around her. To Keep with all updates in the industry and a possible online training academy from Zara herself, make sure to follow her on Instagram here.

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