How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business! Get It Now

    You may have asked yourself a lot of times that: is video marketing really worthwhile for business? Imagine, a guy named Jack is surfing the internet. He lands on a page of your website which has both text and a video to watch. Which one will Jack choose? In recent research into video marketing, 72% of the people watch a video instead of reading texts. Well, Jack is just like them. Now, here’s the fun part: the same research says that 81% of viewers have been persuaded to purchase a product because of video marketing. That makes it clear that after watching the video, Jack would also be much more likely to buy your product. Then why still not everybody is using the video marketing strategy for business yet? Many people think that written content is easier to produce, and that’s why they jeep creating boring blog posts for a stagnant website. Whereas, businesses with video marketing content are getting ahead today by ramping up and increasing conversions. This is where video editing websites come in handy to do the job for you.

    It’s not that expensive to create professional quality videos nowadays as it used to be back then. And the benefits of video marketing for business are much more significant than any effort that’s involved. If you don’t include videos in your marketing strategy, then you might end up missing out the best marketing method available in today’s world. You and your business would be left in the dust if you don’t follow the trend. Video marketing is much important in today’s world.

    In this article, we’ll talk about how video marketing can help your business grow. So let’s find out!

    Increases brand awareness

    Imagine, you’re walking down the street and suddenly got bumped into someone that you follow on YouTube. What would be your reaction? It’s happened to me once, and I got really excited. The popular YouTubers are pseudo-celebrities and that’s why we gawk and scream when we seem them in front of our eyes. But actually, they aren’t real celebrities. They do a lot of creative works but they aren’t movie actors. They are just some group of people who create videos that motivate people. But still, they have an incredible amount of influence on their viewers. So how do you get that kind of influence with your business? When you incorporate video marketing for your business, you will be able to create brand awareness. People will see your company, your logo, and your ideas through the video they will easily recognize you afterward. People will remember your brand down the road when you start the marketing process.

    Increases your online presence

    A website is the basement of your online presence, and you sell your products and services from that website. But you need to increase traffic to the website to increase your sales.  And you have to do that by being present in other places online. All of the roads you create should lead back to your website and it will directly relate to an increase in sales from your website if done correctly. You create an online presence through video marketing and that way you create a new road which leads back to your website.

    Gives personality to your business

    What kind of impression would you like to give your customers? You can set up an ‘About’ page on your website but what kind of personality are you portraying for your business? Maybe you’re questioning right now that: does your business need a personality? In real? The answer is: yes. Millennials feel more loyalty and love towards businesses who appeal to that on an emotional level. Now, what should you do to give your business personality? It totally depends on how you apply video marketing for your business. You need to have a fast moving, full of words videos to help with personality.

    Builds trust in your Brand

    You’re looking to buy a hairdryer. But you are not sure which brand you should go for. Mostly, you’d like to buy from a brand which you have already heard of and trust. But what if you find the other brand who have tons of useful videos about hair care and even some explainer videos for the hair dryers that they sell? You watch a few videos and find them very quite practical. Though you haven’t heard of the company but those videos have built trust in the company. That’s exactly how a video marketing campaign can build trust for your business.

    Boosts engagement

    YouTubers watch more than 1 billion hours of video every single day. Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than posts with images. The fact behind these statistics is the videos create more engagement with the audience than any other type of posts. To get people to pay attention to you, you should use video marketing across all of your social media channels. Create a video which is highly shareable, and invite people to react in the comments. All you need is just a little bit of effort. It can increase engagement from your audience.

    To sum it up, video marketing is more important now than ever before. Its power is increasing day by day. It’s isn’t necessarily true that video content is some of the hardest content to create. It doesn’t even need that much of large budget to start creating professional videos to help your business. Your effort is guaranteed to have incredible ROI for your business. So what are you still waiting for? Get to the video marketing work, NOW!

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