6 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

    One of the surest ways for a business or individual to bring in more traffic, increase conversions, and have a more interactive interaction with readers and customers is to have a video marketing strategy.

    Studies show that businesses that use video marketing as part of their marketing strategies get up to 66% more leads annually and 54% better brand awareness compared to businesses that do not have a video marketing strategy in place.

    While creating a trendy video can be a daunting task even to the most experienced person, knowing who your target audience is, and what the video creates awareness for, is guaranteed to make your work much easier. There are also lots of freelance video creators you can hire to help create a marketing video that will get you the results you desire.

    This article is going to explore 6 tips that will come in handy in making sure you get the most out of your video. Even though use of videos is a fairly new marketing strategy, it isn’t rocket science. The tips outlined in this article are easy to perform, and can be done by just about anyone—even with someone with minimal marketing experience.

    But first, let us understand what “video marketing”really means.

    What is Video Marketing?

    Different books will have slightly varying definitions for the term, but essentially, Video Marketing is using any video with the intention of growing your business and moving closer to your goals. This could be to bring in more visitors to your website, increase sales for a product you are selling, or create brand awareness.

    While most conversations about digital marketing tend to gravitate towards YouTube, you can use video marketing on just about any platforms. Based on the number of users, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are also very good places for marketing your content.

    However, YouTube is still the second largest search engine after Google, so for maximum visibility, you should make sure to upload your content to the site even if you are using other platforms as your primary targets for video marketing.

    How to Get Your Video Marketing Strategy Right

    When creating a video for marketing purposes, there are several things that you need to consider if you are to be assured of success. Below are 6 things that will ensure you are always successful in your marketing efforts.


    • Always Upload to YouTube


    With more than 1 billion unique visits and more than 6 billion video hours watched every month, YouTube is without a doubt, the biggest search engine as far as videos are concerned. It is also the second largest, second only to Google.com. You are therefore guaranteed that uploading your video to YouTube will instantly place it before millions of users, which translates to more views and conversions for you. It is one of the best ways to create awareness for your brand.


    • Create Catchy and Interesting Videos


    Take time to think about what your video will be about, and also how to create a video clip that your target audience will love to see. The first few seconds of a video play a big part in whether people will want to continue viewing it or whether they’ll think it’s a waste of time and move on to the next.

    To curb this, make the beginning interesting and give perspective to your video. A good establishing shot will create good suspense that will make people hesitate from clicking the ‘Play Next’ button.

    • Have a Great Call-To-Action

    Just like when writing content for your blog, videos used for marketing your product or service needs a strong call-to-action at the end that will compel your viewer to act. It will basically be what the viewer takes away, so it’s best to make the most out of it.

    You can also add an unobtrusive section in the lower third section of the video content and use it to display the business logo, website URL, and phone number of the website you are promoting. In addition to this, add a link to the website in the description section of your video on YouTube or any other platform you are using for your marketing. This makes it easy for viewers to visit your website by simply clicking on it.


    • Optimize for Search Engines


    Every video online has a title, description, and tags. These are what you need to optimize. Research the best performing keywords, decide which ones you want to rank for, and use these keywords in the title, and descriptions of your video.

    Google owns YouTube, and therefore gives prominence to YouTube videos. With the right keywords and marketing strategy, your video is sure to rank high in organic search results. An advantage of using videos is that there are fewer videos compared to web pages, and therefore easier to rank them.


    • Share Widely


    Make sure your video gets all the visibility it can get. One way of doing this is by sharing across multiple platforms. The more the video is shared, the more visibility it gets, which directly translates to more visitors to your website and higher conversions for the product or service you are selling.

    Search engines are also going to give your video a higher organic rank the more it is shared across numerous websites. It therefore helps to push your video to get as many shares and ‘likes’ as possible across multiple platforms.


    • Advertise


    Run an advertising campaign if you have a budget for it. The average cost per view for YouTube advertising campaigns is generally lower than that of web pages in a related nice, so use this to your advantage. We recommend running your advertising campaigns on YouTube, but social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are also great for reaching your target audience.An advantage of using YouTube is that you can have a lower third message that has clickable links. You can use this space to add links to your website which makes it easier for viewers to find you.


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