How Using Sex Toys Can Make Your Life Better, Yes, Really!


    A good romp with a favorite sex toy, as you probably already know, feels great in the moment – and before and after the moment, too! As it turns out, though, the regular use of sex toys and all the orgasmic benefits that come along with enjoying a favorite vibrator, dildo, but plug or other toy, can make your life better in all sorts of ways, in AND out of the bedroom/living room/kitchen/backyard.

    Nipple clamps, g-spot vibrators, anal vibes – it doesn’t even matter which type(s) of sex toy you prefer (feel free to try out any one of the millions of sex toys on the market), the long-term, day-to-day benefits are real. For instance, sex toys allow people in or out of a relationship to explore their sexual preferences to the fullest. Maybe you want to experiment with anal play, rough bdsm play, restraints or roleplaying. Maybe your partner wants to try using a cock ring during sex, or maybe you’re dying to try out one of the new clitoral suction stimulators that have been taking the sex toy world by storm. Sex toys make it all possible!

    For men, women, and people of all genders and orientations, the benefits of sex toys are almost too numerous and varied to count. In a purely physical sense, certain toys can help treat or alleviate the symptoms of premature ejaculation, painful penetration, lack of libido, difficulty climaxing, or problems with mobility and comfort during sex. From a mental or psychological standpoint, using and enjoying sex toys has been associated with more satisfaction during sex, improved body confidence, better sleep and even stress relief. 

    Here are a few of our favorite ways sex toys can make your life better between the sheets and beyond.

    1. You May Sleep Better

    We already mentioned this one, but it’s worth repeating. Sleep is important! Sex and masturbation are well known methods of relaxation, and relaxation, in turn, helps you sleep better. During sex with a partner, or a sexy solo session with yourself, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins, both natural chemicals that make you feel happy, calm, lovey-dovey and ultra relaxed. If you find yourself lying awake at night, have a hard time winding down, feel restless or deal with insomnia in general, masturbating with a sex toy before bed may help you sleep better.

    Some studies even suggest that regular masturbation and sexual release in general, can help boost your immune system, keep your brain sharp and cognitive abilities on point, and even help manage depression and anxiety. At the very least, your sex toys can give you something to look forward to every night, right?

    2. You Can Maintain Your Sexual Side 

    Whether you’ve just gone through a break-up and aren’t quite ready to get back in the sexual saddle, you’re dealing with some of the very natural sexual effects of aging, or your busy life has made sex less of priority, sex toys can help keep you sexually balanced and satisfied.

    For instance, a super-powerful wand vibe could help, if you find it difficult to reach orgasm at times. If it’s been a while since you’ve been with a partner and you want to brush up on your technique, you could practice with a lifelike sex doll, dildo or masturbator.

    Bottom line: you don’t need a partner to have an orgasm! That’s one of the things we love about sex toys. Your pleasure is in your hands – literally.

    3. You Can Find Your Way To Orgasm

    For some people, orgasm isn’t always a given. This is especially true for women and people with vaginas/clitorises. In fact, it’s thought that less than fifty percent of women are able to reach orgasm during sex or penetration alone. That said, men and people with penises can also have a hard time getting there, for any number of reasons. Stress, lack or foreplay, nervousness, and physiological issues can all play a part. 

    Using a sex toy, either while masturbation or with your partner, can help you learn what really does it for you, orgasm-wise. You’ll be able to experiment, practice and learn to prime your body and mind to relax, release, and let it happen, all at your own pace.

    4. You’ll Be More Body-Confident

    Some studies have shown that people who masturbate regularly may feel better about how they look. The link between sex toys and confidence actually makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. First off, using sex toys when you masturbate or play with a partner puts your pleasure in your complete control. You can feel good whenever you want. And as we all know, when we feel good, it shows.

    Plus, using sex toys can help you develop a keen sense of familiarity with your body, as you learn what works for you. When you’re comfortable with yourself, you’re more likely to feel sexy and confident, not only during sex, but in your day to day life, too.

    5. Reduced Vaginal Pain in Women & AFAB People

    Painful sex, clinically known as dyspareunia, can happen for a variety of reasons, from lack of foreplay or lubrication to age-related atrophy. You should definitely speak to a doctor or OBGYN about recurrent pain during sex and penetration, but if you’ve ruled out any medical issues, certain sex toys can help.

    First off, regular masturbation and orgasm can improve blood flow to the pelvic region – vagina included. Vaginal dilators or small dildos can help gently stretch vaginal tissues, and help your body and mind relax.

    6. Help With Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

    Many men and people with penises find that, sometimes, a super-firm ready-to-rock erection can be harder to come by, or harder to maintain. Or maybe you or your penis-owning partner reaches the finish line too fast. There are lots of sex toys and tools that can help, from cock rings and penis pumps to penis sleeves, hollow dildos and even strap-ons. Using a male masturbator or stroker regularly can help you practice your stamina – there are even edging tools designed specifically for this purpose.

    7. You’re Taking Control Of Your Sexual Routine

    It’s completely natural to fall into a bit of a rut, both in life and in sex. Now, routines can be good, sometimes, but when sex becomes routine – boredom sets in. Sex toys to the rescue! You don’t need to get fancy (unless you want to), the simplest of vibrators or a soft, fuzzy pair of wrist cuffs can work wonders, too.

    8. Using Sex Toys With A Partner Builds Intimacy

    There’s nothing more intimate – and enjoyable – than really great sex with someone you love – or just really like having sex with. Sex toys takes nothing away from intimacy, in fact, the opposite can definitely be true. Having the confidence to bring your favorite (or a brand new) sex toy onto the scene not only speaks to a sense of adventure and excitement, but is also a show of honesty and trust. A sex toy can speak louder than words!

    9. You’re Trying New Things Sexually

    First off, some people may not even want to use sex toys during sex and masturbation, and that’s totally fine! If you’re not into it, you’re not into it. However, if you’re hesitating because you’re nervous about trying something new, don’t be! Many, many, MANY people own sex toys, and use them in all sorts of ways. 

    Experimentation is exciting, especially during sex. Even the tiniest of bullet vibes can make a big difference when it comes to your pleasure. Think about how good it feels when your or your partner’s fingers zero in on a favorite erogenous zone. Now, think about how amazing it might feel if there were a vibrator between those fingers! 


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