How to Use a Vape Pod Easily

    A vape pod is among the most popular vaping devices on the market, and for obvious reasons. They are inexpensive, you don’t need advanced knowledge to operate, and they are light and compact. 


    If you are new to vaping or curious about the hype, you should start with this easy rig. Not sure what to do with it once you buy it? Here is how to use a vape pod like a pro.


    Understand the Components


    Like almost everything on the market, vaping devices have various features. A vape pod lands somewhere in the middle between a disposable vape pan and a mod, but there are also two options:


    The open vape pod is refillable with your favourite e-liquid. In contrast, a closed pod can’t be refilled, so when it is empty, you swap it out for another one.


    The pod contains the wick, coil and e-liquid all in one. The main body of the device and the battery allow charging. On the body will be a display. Depending on the model, you will have LED lights or a screen that communicates information like battery life and temperature. Some models also include a puff counter.


    Charging Your Vape Pod


    When you buy new vape pods, there may be battery life included. However, it is recommended that you fully recharge it before using it. This way, you get into a routine where you charge it fully and are ready for the day. The first full charge takes around 8 hours to complete, so do it when you are not doing anything else. After that, it charges faster.


    A USB cord comes with your device, and you can charge it with your laptop or use an adapter to plug it into the wall. Some models require you to unscrew the battery to access the charging port. 


    Mouth to Lung


    Mouth-to-lung, or MTL, is a technique of drawing vapour into your mouth, holding it there, and inhaling it into your lungs. It is how you smoke a cigarette, and the typical vape pen works. The transition from smoking to vaping is easy for smokers.  


    For devices with a draw button, press it as you take a slow, steady drag and then hold the vapour to get all the flavour. You can hold or exhale immediately once you inhale it into your lungs. Other devices are drag-initiated, so you just put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale to activate it.


    There is also direct-lung inhalation, which requires a different coil to be effective. You bypass the mouth and draw vapour into your lungs. Cloud chasers often use it to get the vapour in to do tricks. However, it also gives you a harsh throat hit and an intense flavour.


    Changing Pods


    Changing your pod on your closed system device is easy and allows you to try an unlimited variety of flavours. They include candy, dessert, drinks, menthol, nicotine, and fruit, among others.


    You can also decide on the nicotine amount and use your vape pen to comfortably reduce it until it is completely eliminated. When you are done with a pod, recycle it if possible so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. 


    Vape Pod Benefits


    Vape pods have many benefits. Most vape pods have little to no settings, so you simply inhale and enjoy. Some have added features, but even these are simple to operate. Vape pods are also convenient. A compact pod system can fit in your pocket easily. If you run out of e-liquids, filling takes no time, or you just pop in a new pod, and you are back up and running.


    Vape pods are leak-proof. Nothing is considered 100% leak-proof, but they are designed not to leak, especially with a closed system pod. Likewise, they are like smoking cigarettes. For smokers or those transitioning off them, a vape pod gives you the sensation of a cigarette.


    Vaping has taken the world by storm and helped countless people quit cigarettes. Regardless of your interest in vaping, a vape pen is a perfect way to enjoy all the flavours and get comfortable with the experience before moving on to more complicated rigs. Use this guide to buy a vape pod and join the growing wave of vape enthusiasts.

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