How to Select the Best Whisky for Yourself

    Whiskies are one of the best types of alcohol globally, with diverse varieties present for everyone to enjoy. They are also a versatile drink and work well for casual and formal occasions, with formal occasions often featuring premium and expensive brands depending on their affordability.

    If you are new to drinking but have taken a liking to the sweet drink, you will need some guidance to help you select the best whisky for yourself. This blog post will help you learn more about the factors you will need to consider when buying.

    Types of Whiskies 

    Your first step in the process should be to learn the difference between the types of whiskies. There are three main types of whisky available in the market; however, some new variations continue emerging regularly.

    • Bourbon

    Bourbon is distilled from a mixture of grains or mash, 51% containing corn, malted barley, etc. Corn needs to make up a significant part of the 51% because it gives Bourbon its distinctly sweet flavour.

    Furthermore, Bourbon also needs to be stored in charred oak to give its smoky and sweet taste and remain completely additive-free for best results.

    • Scotch

    Scotch is distilled from malted barley and gets its name from the region it was originally distilled in. Scotch originated in Scotland and tastes a little similar to Bourbon due to its sweet taste. However, Scotch tends to leave a sharp sensation in the throat, unlike Bourbon.

    • Rye

    Rye is distilled from a mixture of mash or grains, 51% of which is rye. Like Bourbon, rye is also stored in charred oak and needs at least two years to become ready for drinking. Some variations are older than two years, their extra age adding richness to their flavour.

    Rye has a somewhat fruity and mildly spicy taste and is far less sweet compared to Bourbon. Hence, you will like this type if you prefer your whisky to fall on the lower side of sweetness.

    All three types of whiskies have their distinct qualities, and you can find some of the best of each type on Additionally, the longer the whisky is matured, the better its taste will be once you consume it. 

    How to Select the Best Whisky for Yourself

    There are a few ways to determine which whisky to get yourself, especially when you are new to drinking and have yet to establish a preference. Following are the three main factors you should consider when buying a bottle of whisky. 

    • What’s the Occasion?

    Knowing which occasion you are buying for plays a significant role in your choice. Formal events mostly feature expensive wines that have matured over several years and have remained pure throughout the aging process.

    Additionally, a bottle of Scotch will be more expensive than a bottle of Bourbon, so make sure you get the right type depending on how formal the events are.

    • Consider your Taste and Preferences

    As mentioned above, all three types of whiskies have unique tastes. If you like to have a smooth and sweet taste, you should choose to have Bourbon as it is the sweetest of all the types and does not carry the sharp taste in the throat, unlike Scotch.

    • Drinking Habits

    It would be best if you also considered your drinking habits before buying your whiskey. The frequency of your indulgence and your affordability will help you determine how premium of an option you want to buy and how frequently.

    Unless you are rich or have someone supplying whisky for free, you should cut down on your drinking and buy a more affordable range to indulge in the rich flavour. 

    • Age

    Finally, a whisky’s age is a critical factor when choosing the best option. A whisky that has aged over several years and received the correct external arrangements for its storage will develop a fragrant aroma and give more depth to the taste.

    If you want to taste premium whisky, you will need to get your hands on an old and expensive variation. 

    No matter what you are buying the whisky for or its age, be careful how much you drink. Too much alcohol can affect your health negatively, and trying to drink away your problems can lead to addiction, which slowly eats away at your body and relationships with those around you.  

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, you need to know your taste preferences, drinking style, and preferred quality when buying whiskey. You should choose Bourbon if you like your whiskey sweet and choose rye if you like your whisky to be less sweet.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and will check out others to learn more.

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