How To Satisfy Your Cravings For Cookies And Cream

    Cookies and cream is a classic flavor combination that rivals popular blends like peanut butter and jelly orsalt and caramel. If you want to incorporate the fusion of sweet chocolate cookies and rich cream into your snacks, you should get your hands on these three desserts.  


    • Mochi Ice Cream


    This is not your typical everyday scoop of ice cream—mochi ice cream is a frozen snack that is far different from anything you will find in your local parlor. This treat is a sphere of premium ice cream coated with a pillowy layer of mochi, which is sweetened rice dough. For fans of the flavor, mochi ice cream comes in cookies and cream so that you can enjoy the wonderful blend of crisp chocolate cookies, rich ice cream and soft mochi. If you want to amplify the exciting flavor, you can sandwich your cookies and cream mochi ice cream in between two freshly-baked chocolate cookies. There is no need to wait for the summer months to try these frozen treats — you can find boxes of MyMo Mochi Ice Cream at your nearest grocery store all year round.


    • Doughnuts


    You don’t have to go to a bakery, café or drive-thru to enjoy cookies and cream chocolate doughnuts—you can make a batch in the comfort of your home kitchen. The dessert will be simple to recreate because you can bake them in the oven instead of putting them in the deep fat fryer. Skipping the deep fat fryer will make the process easier and help you avoid any dangerous and painful accidents with hot oil. After the doughnuts are cooled out of the oven, you can spread a thick vanilla icing on top of each treat and sprinkle them with crushed cookies. This dessert will be a lot more satisfying than any of the traditional doughnut flavors like chocolate-glazed, Boston Crème, cinnamon sugar or strawberry-jelly.  


    • Fluff


    In case you have never heard of this kind of treat, fluff is acreamy whipped dessert that is similar to a pudding or a mousse. A fluff recipe is easy to follow, requires only a handful of ingredients and will only take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to cook. You will need milk, vanilla pudding mix and frozen whipped topping to make a regular recipe — to make cookies and cream fluff you will need crumbled chocolate cookie sandwiches to fold into the dessert. Fluff should be served in a bowl, cup or mason jar that’s been chilled in the refrigerator so that the mixture stays cool and maintains its texture.

    If you like the taste of cookies and cream, you will love desserts that include and even amplify that flavor. You can indulge in your one of your favorite treats by snacking on tantalizing mochi ice cream, homemade doughnuts or whipped fluff. These unique desserts are bound to satisfy your craving for the flavor and will be easy to get when that same craving resurfaces.


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