How to Research CBD Products

    CBD is becoming a popular product due to its ability to treat various issues ranging from body aches and pains to anxiety. Buying CBD products can be confusing because there are many options out there. This is a guide on how to research CBD products. 

    Pinpoint Why You Want to Buy CBD 

    Your first consideration should be why you are interested in taking CBD. According to CBD producers, the product treats everything from multiple sclerosis and back pain to drug addiction and sleeping disorders. Currently, the product has been proven to help treat two forms of epilepsy. Along with this, there is less information about the best way to use it. Common forms include pills, drops, and topical lotions. Despite this, experts do offer recommendations. For instance, if you need fast relief from anxiety or a muscle cramp, then inhaling, it is considered the most effective method. You can do this with a vape pen. Oil drops under the tongue are another good way to obtain the product’s effects fast. Topical lotions that you can rub onto your skin will either work right away or take a few hours to kick in. 

    Check the Amount of THC in CBD Products

    Before purchasing a CBD product, check the CBD and general cannabis laws in your state. While several states have decided to make some CBD products legal, there are still many that have tight restrictions on the amount of THC that they’ll permit in CBD products. 

    Federal law limits the concentration of THC to 0.3% or lower. If you want a CBD product with more THC than 0.3%, then you can only get it legally if you live in a state in which recreational cannabis is permitted. 

    Ask About the Product’s Growing Details 

    Today, a number of the CBD products that you can purchase online and in stores are developed from hemp instead of marijuana. Where that hemp comes from is important. Currently, hemp that developers use in CBD products typically comes from Oregon or Colorado since both states have a lengthy cannabis history. You might also come across hemp from Kentucky, which started allowing hemp to be grown in 2013. In some cases, it comes from overseas. 

    According to Colleen Lanier, the Hemp Industry Association’s executive director, Colorado has the healthiest hemp market. Its agricultural program completes spot-tests on hemp plants in the field to check the THC levels and scrutinize the possibility of illegal pesticides. When CBD products come from overseas growers, use caution because these growers are not required to complete any state or federal testing. When researching CBD information, be sure to check the label to see where the hemp is from. 

    Select Products that Tell You How Much CBD is Included 

    Look for CBD products that list the amount of CBD, or cannabidiol, that it has in it. In particular, make sure that the kind you buy shows you how much is in each dose. It should list this information in milligrams. Depending on the kind of CBD product that you choose, the milligram amounts vary quite a lot. If this is your first time trying a CBD product, then start with something that has a low dose. For instance, if you intend to take a CBD products using a tincture, then try to get something with around 10 milligrams per dose. 

    Be more cautious if you decide to use a product that lists the total CBD amount within the entire container. This type of product could contain CBD and THC in addition to other associated compounds. 

    Research the Product’s Terminology 

    CBD products include processing and ingredient terminology. For instance, you might see the CBD isolate listed. This means that the CBD was removed from a hemp plant and isolated from other substances and compounds. The process develops a CBD extract that is considered 99% untainted. 

    Full-spectrum CBD is another listing that you might see. In this case, when the CBD was removed from the hemp plant, it was not kept separated from the plant’s other substances like terpenes, fatty acids or flavonoids. Full-spectrum will also feature THC, which may increase the health benefits. 

     If the label tells you that the product features broad-spectrum CBD, then this is the same as the full-spectrum without the THC. This type of CBD is recommended when you want the benefits that come with the compounds from the whole hemp plant without the possibility of being impacted by THC’s mind-altering effects. 

    Research CBD Products for Peace of Mind 

    When considering CBD products to treat certain conditions, be sure to research what you’re buying. Read product reviews and research the company that you’re buying it from. Taking this step will help keep you safe and ensure that what you’re getting is a quality product.


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