6 Best Hand Tools That’ll Help You Make Life More Easier

    Whether you need hand tools to perform your job or make home repairs, hand tools can simplify your life. Many industrial workers, such as plumbers and construction workers, are required to purchase their tools. It’s also helpful to keep hand tools at home in the event of an emergency. Consider purchasing these hand tools to make your life easier.

    Allen Wrench Set

    An Allen wrench set is one of the most common tools used for home repairs and renovation. These wrenches resemble the shape of a hexagon. The tool is L-shaped and contains six sides. Allen wrenches only work on specific items with a similar shape. An Allen wrench is needed to assemble many types of furniture. Allen wrenches are the perfect tool to fix bicycles. This type of wrench is also used to pick locks. Allen wrenches are easy tools to use for a variety of home projects. Place the shorter end of the wrench in the bolt and use the longer end of the tool to turn the bolt. Click here to learn more about torque wrench tools.


    A hammer is used to strike an object such as a nail or screw. Hammers are made with a long handle and is attached to a metalhead. A Ball-Pein hammer is ball-shaped and deforms objects. A dead blow hammer applies more force to objects that are difficult to move. 

    Soft hammers strike objects without damaging the item. A brass hammer is recommended for metalwork and prevents damage to the object. 


    A screwdriver injects and removes screws from walls, wood and other objects. Flathead screwdrivers are used to assemble furniture, cabinets and electrical appliances. Many people use flathead screwdrivers to replace outlet covers. A Phillips screwdriver has a flared head. This type of screwdriver is used for construction and woodworking projects. Hex Key screwdrivers look like a hexagon. Many doorknobs and faucet handle installations require a Hex Key screwdriver.


    A chainsaw is a mechanical saw that cuts material and objects. Teeth are attached to a rotating chain and run near a guide bar. Chainsaws are typically used for cutting down trees and chopping firewood. Some chainsaws can cut concrete and stones. 

    Chainsaws are powered by gasoline or electricity. People are encouraged to wear protective gear to prevent injury. It’s important to use chain oil, sharpen the chains and clean the air-take filter on a routine basis. You should never operate a chainsaw without proper training and education.

    Utility Knife

    Utility knives are multipurpose blades used for a variety of reasons. Many construction workers use utility knives to score materials for drywall. This type of knife easily cuts through cardboard and other rough material. Utility knives are one of the best tools for cutting off extra material from plastic. These knives see also used to cut packing tape and plastic strapping.

    Angle Grinder

    Angle grinders perform a variety of functions and come with several attachments: this tool cuts, grinds and polishes material. Angle grinders have more power and speed than most saws. Angle grinders smooth jagged cuts and remove excess material. This type of grinder smoothes metal and makes it shinier. Angle grinders are excellent tools for auto bodywork, masonry and metalwork. People should always wear goggles and a face mask when operating an angle grinder.

    There are a variety of hand tools that make your life easier. Many home projects can be completed without hiring professional help. Hammers, screwdriver and Allen wrenches are used to insert or remove nails or bolts. Saws and angle grinders are excellent tools to cut through tough material. Consider purchasing these tools today for your next home project. 


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