Does Marijuana Cause Violent Behavior?

    Since the dawn of marijuana prohibition in the early 20th century, lawmakers have claimed that marijuana use is a gateway to violent behavior and criminal activity. Scientists have long debated whether or not there’s any truth to this accusation. Earlier studies have found a correlation between marijuana and violence, but there are many confounding factors that have prevented scientists from conclusively proving whether or not pot use actually causes violent behavior.

    Well, it is a fact that marijuana consumption is much safe than alcohol and synthetic drug. THC in marijuana products like Pine Tar Kush strain give users the feeling of euphoria but it cannot cause the behavior of violence in the users. Some states in the US suggest that after the legalization of recreational use of weed in the territory the use of synthetic drug and criminal activities has decreased. A country like Canada has fully legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational uses has established online dispensary that you can check here, from where citizens can buying weed online. Such things can actually help to reduce criminal activities and violent behavior but some studies have shown different results.

    The most recent study on the topic, from King’s College of London, studied 411 British working-class boys born in 1953, 97% of whom were white. The research followed them for 50 years while evaluating their substance abuse history, convictions for violent crimes, mental illness, and other factors. Most subjects never reported marijuana use or violent behavior, but 22% of the individuals who became regular cannabis users admitted to violent behavior after they started smoking pot. Only 0.3 percent reported violence before using cannabis. 

    Researchers concluded from these findings that continued pot use was linked to a 7 times greater probability of committing violent crimes. They speculated that marijuana use might alter the part of the brain responsible for behavior control. This study does not actually prove that marijuana causes violent behavior, but again points out that they are linked. It’s not logically valid to assume that one behavior causes another because it happens first. As the two behaviors are correlated not causal, there are several possible explanations:

    • Marijuana could cause violent behavior
    • People with violent tendencies might enjoy marijuana more than those that don’t
    • Some third factor may cause the link. For example, the fact that British pot users must buy weed from criminal drug dealers might lead them to further criminal behavior. 

    As there hasn’t been a case reported ever that a man has committed a crime after the consumption of cannabis. On the other hand, it is being used to boost the energy just like Canadian Juice Monsters while working out. So other factors may also be responsible for the violent behavior of weed users. Still, the study does show that there is a connection between pot and violence and illustrates that further research must be conducted to learn exactly why. So if you’re a stoner who feels some violent impulses coming on. Perhaps you should play it safe and see your doctor.


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